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Anyone want to go out to eat love the vegan ideals but feel the need for animal protein and I am trying to be Anyone want to go out to eat and buy the best I can find. Thanks again for your hard work helping a tremendous number of people of all persuasions and for your very entertaining and fun style. Hopefully we will all learn that nutrition and health can and should be fun and not Sweet wife seeking sex Bremerton source of anxiety.

There is good food out there, we just have to find it, or grow some of it. I think I will go to the store and look for oysters!

Do you support intelligent desing hypothesis? Is human above the Darwinian evolutionary model that dictates our current biomedical research paradigm. Atherosclerosis can be induced in a great variety of animal species including vegetarian and carnivore species e. Atherosclerosis can also be reversed by lowering TC enough and maintaining it long enough.

The lipid deposits and foam cells disappeared but some fibrous tissue remained. Some species, such as the dog and rat, do not get elevated TC from a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol. But when a way was found to In need of a new friend to talk to their TC they also developed atherosclerosis.

This is so consistent no matter which species is tested that it appears to be a scientific law that elevated LDL can cause atherosclerosis. Also acknowledged is that while Repost im interested in Brora first and animals experience higher TC on some diets, while others experience higher TC on others.

So well-studied groups of humans consuming high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat and experiencing low TC levels follow your advice perfectly.

Herbivorous mammals experience high TC when fed a diet inappropriate to their digestive system, high in saturated fat and etc. Carnivorous mammals do not have high TC on such diets, nor do omnivores like rats. What probably WOULD raise their TC, aside from chemical intervention in a research setting Anyone want to go out to eat never told us just how they went about raising those cholesterol levelsmight include beer, poor air quality, chronic stress, working in a chair all day, eating frankenfoods stuffed with preservatives, getting their gut bacteria destroyed by antibiotics, showering in hot chlorinated water every day, or any number of other things that have shown a strong correlation with blood cholesterol levels.

I know, I know. But if expert one studies the chinese, and expert two studies the masai, and they both say the exact opposite about how dietary components affect the human, might it be, perhaps, that they are both right? After all, while they are saying different things, they are also talking about different people. You wrote as if they consisted of the same group. Not necessarily, because even some herbivores get recognized to consume animal flesh. You have to consider what works best for humans in a highly Adult seeking nsa IA Anthon 51004, modern, industrial environment when talking about this stuff usually.

They can both come as right, technically, yes. However, one group, no doubt, lives under conditions more similar to ours than another, at least in certain respects. One can easily argue, I suspect, that the conditions of Chinese, even rural Chinese, more similar to ours than that of the Masai or Eskimos.

So, the information given by the Masai study would NOT be as relevant to us as the information given by the Chinese study. What you say makes sense, however it seems to me that almost all low-fat vegan eaters see their TC fall to very low levels, and almost all paleo and low carb eaters within the West see theirs rise or at least not diminish, not to the level which is the desirable one.

Therefore, almost all Westerners would do better to eat Anyone want to go out to eat low fat vegan Anyone want to go out to eat.

Same thing as anyone. What they can find. Keep dreaming if you believe humans can catch animals without guns and enslaving them. Denise, I know Anyone want to go out to eat are busy but maybe you Women want nsa Lyons Colorado write your next post on the prevailing ridiculous notion that we could catch animals without the use of guns and enslaving them. Well I mean, aside from all those bugs we humans eat Lonely housewives in Ferguson Kentucky qc all that fishing we do.

And, well, aside from our rich history of hunting animals before guns existed. Please awake us from our dogmatic slumber. Vegan claims denying co-evolution of humans and animals, often in very symbiotic relationships — are inane. Chimpanzees do it regularly and shamelessly. There are nets, snares, pits, Anyone want to go out to eat, blowpipes, buffalo jumps, birdlime, spears, bows and arrows, fishtraps, directed fires.

Birdsnesting will provide tasty fledglings. Tidepooling will provide crabs, shrimps, sea Anyone want to go out to eat, and more. Poisonous roots, pounded up and dropped into river pools, will stun or kill fish.

Food will do it. I truly want to thank you for all your hard work. I am a vegan myself and have been following Dr Campbell. I have been struggleing because ever since becoming vegan I have been experiencing hunger all the time. I never felt this way on vegetarian diet so I know something is up. No one has been able to give me an answer and I recently have up gluten with the hopes that would help.

My first thought has been I need more fat. Do you know anyone else who has experienced this? Also what supplements besides b12 do you feel are essential. What kind of veggies should I be eating if those you mentioned can have long term affects.

And the best and way Anyone want to go out to eat get calories is to rely on well cooked whole grains. Eat more of those. Also you might consider lowering a bit your consumption of certain foods fruit, potatoes, sometimes legumes due to the protein content — remember grains should be the basis, not beans that give you an excessive sense of satiation thus making it harder to get the grains you need.

Have a good carb binge! Contrary to what they believe, grains are among the natural foods for us — they are the staple food for many very healthy people, they were eaten during the Paleolithic, and certain hunter gatherers eat them even in the present time.

If you have doubts about that, start here: I was wondering if anyone has experienced yellowing on diet. I have yellow undertones to my skin naturally but this is not normal. On the diet I got yellowing particularly prominent around my mouth.

I have followed that diet for 4 years or so now. Besides the yellowing around my mouth, my skin tone did even out on the diet. I Anyone want to go out to eat have a better colour to me overall — before eating this way I was very pale. However I have this blotching. Of course I have no clue. I am hoping my dietary changes over the course Anyone want to go out to eat the next few months help.

Since cholesterol is present only in animal food, their serum cholesterol content was often in the range of mg. Diet-Heart Theory, http: There was endemic pellagra on that diet, perhaps they died earlier for that reason and that level of cholesterol is not healthy there is a minimum death rate around At one would expect death by Anyone want to go out to eat and violence. Results speak for themselves. Due to various chronic health problems i became a vegan.

My health deteriorated to a ridiculous level as a supplementing vegan for six years despite careful dietary planning and pro-vegan nutritional research. My health stabilised and slightly improved on a health-food oriented Western diet with lots of supplements over many years. My health improved noticeably without supplements in Anyone want to go out to eat months on a paleo diet. At three months it continues to improve radically. I know various vegans who started quite healthy and all are going downhill.

I tried the GAPS diet and it destroyed my health. It made me look like a concentration camp inmate. I went vegan for 2 years because I fell in love and then I, a year later, I started feeling badly, and a year after that, became extremely ill.

I did not to any research or supplement for all the nutritional deficiencies one develops if not eating meat. After two long years of declining health, I am now no longer bed-bound or wheelchair dependent.

What might work for one person may not work for everyone. I cannot infer from my own sample of one, personal story Anyone want to go out to eat anyone else. That said, personally, the more I read about the possible deficiencies created by a vegan diet, the more I am convinced that we evolved eating meat and cannot live healthfully Horny girls in 62088 it.

Even if you can supplement all of the vitamins, amino acids, and other compounds you cannot get in sufficient quantities from a vegan diet, what about all the compounds that have yet to be discovered or understood? Nature has its secrets but it is complete. Science is the man groping for his keys under the lightbulb. But a couple of things: I am going to discount the a. But the evidence for grasses, I think legumes, and also cooking seems pretty strong.

I chases up the refs he gives, and it looks like a very important story. Teen girls looking for sex in Kansas City all know that CR, caloric restriction combined with a nutritious choice of food, is the best sure way to Anyone want to go out to eat life, reduce oxidation, etc.

Turns out that researchers have first zeroed in on lowering of protein as the primary agent of this effect, and then in turn on lowering of Anyone want to go out to eat as the responsible agent. Methionine levels are much higher in most animal protein than in veg protein.

But—and I think you have already noted this—they are lower in shellfish than in fish or most animals. You may have written about this somewhere already, but it is interesting, and I now do eat—and enjoy —scallops. Will experiment with oysters too, but shucking is a chore, and distrust the packaged ones. Behind this I strongly suspect an evolutionary program deeply distributed among our genes that runs something like this: There are obviously programs like this widely distributed among the animal kingdom—and we are animals.

I can imagine following the first route for the first years of life and getting maximun bangs out of life, and then switching gears to the second slower program to enjoy those more mature years.

One of your faithful admirers, Chris. I find it quite interesting that so many people are willing to put their opinions out there, yet are afraid to use their real name. First and last Who are you all hiding from? Passey said in a statement. So when did our addiction to grass begin? At what point in our evolutionary history did we start making use of grasses? We are simply trying to find out where in the human chain that begins. Hi, Richard—I omited the Sediba paper from my comments because it deals with a newly discovered species classified as an australopithecine, 2 million years old, and apparently adapted to a forest environment—rather distant from our species, generally thought to have arisen aroundyears ago and adapted to a more open landscape offering different food sources.

It is also unclear whether they belong in the line leading to sapiens—they may represent a side branch that disappeared. But it does seem clear from the other evidence that the 10, BC year date put on sapiens use of grains and legumes for food is way too late, and other evidence seems to point to a more rapid evolution in handling new food sources than the Paleo people assume. I am trusting Denise to thread a path through the evidence from both history and biological science to make sense out of this dietary thing for us all.

A person who ought to have been on a strict statin-supplemented Esselstyn diet was lost to African lady looking for sex. These unnecessary deaths occur when simple people think it is a good idea to bring some imaginary meat-based HG diet to their own parasite-free eco-niche Married woman wants real sex Kaneohe hunter-gatherers are inflicted by high parasitic burden which is very efficient in lowering serum cholesterol, parasites have even reversed cardiovascular disease in animal models.

Now, regarding the very sad passing of Crohns Dad. What makes you think that he was even Anyone want to go out to eat a paleo diet himself? And if he was, how could you possibly Anyone want to go out to eat how Anyone want to go out to eat he had been on the diet? Maybe he was a vegan until the age of 50, who knows. But one thing i will say as a crohns Sex date archena myself, that the work this great man did, a medical professional remember, was born out of the love for his daughter who was also suffering with the disease, and the extensive research he did has improved the health of hundreds of people.

Like how you said what your mom ate while you were in the womb is really important. This is it in a nutshell for me, a former vegetarian for 10 years although never completely vegan. Of course, deciphering what that means for a specific individual is not always so simple.

Mortality is the great equalizer. The studies in this video by Michael Greger are really unconvincing. The high-fat meal in the first study is an egg or sausage mcmuffin — the Egg McMuffin for example contains 12g of fat and 30g of carbs.

In the article looking at the effects of cream, the cream they used had the following ingredients: The endotoxemia was clearly caused by the animal fat, unless it was caused by the toast or tea. Any monkey can do research. I just want to say that vitamin K2 can be found in sauerkraut and other fermented foods like already mentioned natto, tempeh, miso etc. And who said natto has to be gooey and hard to swallow. Some people do find it to be quite tasty. Tempeh is my New Milford milf hookups, a soft bite of tempeh makes my mouth water so much my cheeks start to hurt, lol!

Appetizing food btw is good for the digestion. Yes, we vegans can be a little hard on ourselves. You are right that some little amount of animal foods is not the end of the world, if one feels that something is missing in ones vegan diet.

A great assesment of the paleo pseudoscience nonsense by a biologist, published by Scientific American. Richard, thanks for the link to that Sci Am article—a nice piece, though it does leave things rather up in the air—which is perhaps Anyone want to go out to eat they belong for the time being. Maybe Denise will make all things clear! Denise making thing clear is rather wishfull thinking.

After all, Denny is cholesterol denialist and climate change skeptic. I feel pety for those people who actually think that an untrained denialist, pushing appeal-to-nature fallacy, paleo dietary bogus has something constructive to say about the data sorted out by Sir Richard Peto, Oxford professor, the inventor of meta-analysis concept and member royal society. I am referring to the China Study.

You clearly do a lot of research and everything… but what I think you might be overlooking is that if you did a critical review on yourself. Hi, Richard; I did not know that Denise is a cholesterol sceptic—but so are a good many researchers—that is in my mind an ongoing legit debate, to which I am not competent to contribute. But she is also a climate change denier? That would be disturbing indeed, but on what evidence do you make that charge?

Because distancing from the lipid-theory equals creationism. Every single expert in the branch all over the world including every every public-health organization embraces it. Cholesterol theory has similar consensus behind it as many widely recognized ideas such as evolution, climate change, the theory of gravity, etc.

The cigarette industry always maintained that people need to hear equal, balanced view. The evidence for lipid-theory not only comes from epidemiology and clinical interventions but from bile-acid research, surgical studies, animal models, statin trials, genetic studies, etc.

Read this book and see if you place Denny in a proper context: Also, learn what being expert equals in science. Mary Enig, PhD, lipid researcher is one of the biggest opponents of the lipid hypothesis. She has been smeared for years by the big industries profiting from heart disease, cholesterol meds, obesity, etc.

She worked at the University of Maryland and they are largely responsible for getting public awareness of trans fats to where it is and labeling of such on products. You can try to dismiss anecdotal evidence, but that is truly foolish. I was told I would need a knee replacement, but that Anyone want to go out to eat should wait as long as possible.

Two years ago, I was afraid the time had come. I was having a lot of knee problems and other joint problems. However, I knew that my knees would get worse without the supplements. Coincidentally, I started taking coconut oil eight months ago.

I took it because of some claims about cholesterol. I was truly amazed. When I went down the back porch steps using both knees instead of one at a time, I knew something amazing had happened. I Anyone want to go out to eat reading more Anyone want to go out to eat coconut oil. Even before I started reading this, I was starting to notice a correlation between meals with a lot of sunflower oil and my joint pain.

I Searching Hookers

So, after a month of adding coconut oil, I became obsessed with removing seed oils from my diet. I also waant up PUFA contents of nuts and limited myself to nuts with lower amounts cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios. Actually, I found avoiding nuts altogether for the first 3 or 4 months worked best. I have NO joint pain. Richard, you Anyone want to go out to eat tell me all about scientific proof. I challenge you to read the article mentioned and look at oit 66 references cited.

I have seen more recent references in other places, too. There are thousands of scientific and contradictory studies… some good, some bad. Money and power determine these things. Now, however, this wonderful internet has allowed communication from sources other than mainstream media.

You can bash Dr. Enig all you want. You can Anhone my life will be shorter. Feeling good, Couples in Atlanta, GA. threesome Swinging., no joint pain for 8 months straight, is all the proof I need.

This is certainly all overwhelming for me. Still hard to tell what will happen to me long term which makes me want to turn to research studies done over long periods Anyone want to go out to eat time Housewives wants real sex Leisure Knoll there are just too many that totally contradict others.

Like the research on soy: What am I supposed to do with that?!?! Denise, this a great page with some really good advice. As a aet, I really appreciate that you took the time to post this, Denise. Thanks Anyone want to go out to eat the suggestions. It seems of utmost importance when you review others statements? Denise Minger denies the lipid-theory, she is a religious anti-darwinist, a creationist, that is.

Dennis recommends the Angone of Wwant Harris: Based on homology, evolutionary theory would predict a similar effect in humans, and the burden of proof lies with those claim the contrary. Where are you getting this stuff?

SOME role in heart disease? Heart surgeons talk about opening a heart and valves and seeing the them lined with cholesterol.

Most serum cholesterol is formed from endogenous cholesterol made by the liver in response to a low-cholesterol diet.

The more cholesterol you eat, Anyone want to go out to eat less you have in your blood usually if refined, acellular carbs are low. This is why low-fat, high carb diets cholesterol Anyone want to go out to eat with fat are so good at generating plaques and Housewives personals in Bryant AL disease. I absolutely need wannt see multiple studies and reports ouut the more cholesterol you eat, the less you have in your blood Anyone want to go out to eat in your heart thus less risk for heart disease.

Heart Disease is the 1 killer in this country, and we happen to eat more cholesterol than most other countries. Not that correlation always means causation, but there is a DIRECT relationship between the cholesterol you eat, and your risk of heart disease because of plaque buildup. Any case against that sounds like the unfounded reports coming out of the Weston Price Foundation. Colin Campbell who actually grew up on a dairy farm believing milk was the perfect food, then through research found Hot lady looking sex Lewiston Maine facts about the affects of certain nutrition on your body.

His research spans decades. I am sorry but I am unsure what everyone sees as so compelling from this blog. It seems like she has become known mainly through her critiques of others… which is fine. I have commented that if she was to do a review of herself, she would blow herself apart too… with her quips and fact checking.

Does anyone else disagree with this…? I too would love to see citations and a self-criticism of herself. Could you give some examples of AAnyone that are missing citations?

No-one is denying that cholesterol plays a role in heart disease. What awnt want to look at Anyone want to go out to eat whether or not the lipoprotein molecules are oxidized. The whole notion that saturated fat causes disease is quickly being abandoned by the top researchers. Even Walter Willet and Frank Hu are no longer anti-saturated fat.

Ronald Krauss is possibly the leading lipid researcher in the world.

Lunatic stuff you only you only see in online blogs that are tied to the new neo-carnivore movement. We have extremely well-done animal models to show Antone cholesterol is all that is required for heart disease. These models can show us direct cause-and effect relationships.

HomeDine has a similar platform, but is less travel-focused than EatWith; Does this suggest that people are only willing to eat with strangers if. Asking a girl where and what she wants to eat is a question as old as time. us -- especially if your goal is to get our clothes off at the end of the day. to focus on her relationship with someone new — someone seemingly. The request itself is not ambiguous; you would like for them to eat dinner with you . "Hey do you want to go out to dinner, I don't really have any plans and I'm.

We can induce heart disease in a mouse by feeding it Woman seeking casual sex DLo athrogenic diet and transplant the damaged arteries to low-cholesterol environment where the damaged arteries simply heals.

We can also simply turn-of and turn-on athrosclerosis in a mouse by simply altering its cholesterol feedback mechanism through the genes that dictates it efficiency. Nothing else is needed. We some exceptionally good primate models as well.

Creationists hate animal models and think we humans are biblical creatures, beyond other animals. Woodland NC 3 somes by your comments you oppose darwinism and think something else beyond cholesterol ewt needed to induce heart disease on Wife wants sex tonight Blacklick thyroid function, etc.

In addition, we see increased heart disease risk in people who have genetic defect in their cholesterol feedback mechanism. These people die in heart disease irrespective of what Anyone want to go out to eat biomarkers or thyroid function would suggest.

Elevated cholesterol is all what is needed. It works the other way around too, people who have inherited extremely effecient cholesterol cleaning mechanis and have the rare genetic defect the other way around live about years longer than their lifestyle would suggest.

We also have extremely good epidemiologic data as well. Cardiovascular disease has traditionally been non-existent in Central-Africa. The epidemiology of coronary heart disease in South Africa http: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of various lipid modifying interventions et that lowering LDL cholesterol significantly decreased the risk of coronary heart disease and all-cause mortality, Anyone want to go out to eat modifying HDL provided no benefit after controlling for LDL cholesterol.

You should introduce yourself to primitivenutrition video-serie, he has a good additional serie as well, and more is about to come. The Futility of Cholesterol Denialism, Part 1: Ronald Krauss Anyone want to go out to eat rat about the dangers of SFA in his recent article. People citing Krauss in the SFA issue are a bit behind their times. In a nutshell, the we can prove the lipid theory through the context of animal models, diet intervention, bile-acid research, surgical trials, yeah we only need to eatt to bypass operate the Anyobe which results in lower LDL and thus reduces atherosclerosis progression POSCH trialgenetic data, drug trials, epidemiology, research on parasites, etc.

The Masai make a great example Anyone want to go out to eat favour of lipid-theory as well. An average Masai women does not consume even a single egg worth of dietary cholesterol per day. Diseases like rheaumatoid arthrisis and cancers are ofcourse pretty popular ext Masai, unlike among their Central-African tribes that comsume low-fat, plant-based, quasi-vegan diets.

Saving good science from pseudoscience. I hate to break it to you, but these people do not know the big picture. These people are religious and blinded in their appeal-to-nature fallacy. A research on parasites add to the nearly never ending cascade of lines of evidence suggesting that cholesterol theory is one of few theories that is bullet-proof in medicine.

The primitive tribes all have them, and they have them a lot. What do they do, they eat up the LDL in your intima. Statins have less side-effects. Pleiotropic effects of statins: J Am Coll Cardiol. However, the results of that study clearly and convincingly showed otherwise, with additional reduction in CVD events with the drug that lowered LDL-C levels more.

Even with this evidence, and perhaps with an even more powerful statin about to be approved, the investigators suggested that the reduced events were ouf to pleotropic effects of the more efficacious statin. You can also ask why Masterjohn does not advocate a vegan diet since he t so fond with the oxidation of LDL -story:.

Clinical utility of inflammatory markers and advanced lipoprotein testing: Advice from an expert panel of lipid specialists To me, these people remind me of the attacks Darwin received from the behalf of the creationist. What they have left with are their imaginary weaknesses in epidemiologic data and diet-interventions. These people are good in confusing people.

With Anyone want to go out to eat Woman want nsa Bemidji, we try to act a bit like whistle blowers. The good times of Minger -crew are soon to be done. Be prepared for the new era. So richard, you think if LDL is increased, risk for heart disease increases no matter what happens to other biomarkers? Body fatness and excess calorie intake are good candidates, since they influence circulating lipoproteins.

You miss the context. LDL alone is sufficient to orchestrate the opera as Married for a sexy playmate can see very well thanks to genetic data. People with defect in their cholesterol feedback mechanism develope atherosclerosis even despite other biomarkers and thyroid would be perfectly ok.

All this Tokelaun, pukapukan nonsense is already refuted long time ago, as too, the creationists are a bit behind their times, find this primitivenutrition video:. The Tokelauans, and more on the Masai. Forks Over Knives and Healthy Longevity: Perhaps the Science is Legit After All http: A Missed Opportunity Horny wife sniffing poppers Kalaheo the Cholesterol Skeptics http: We looked carefully at the saturated fat effects.

With more saturated fat in the diet, we did see a signal for an eant in the overall amount of cholesterol in their blood. But when we looked more carefully, that slightly increased amount of total cholesterol was not being carried by more of the dangerous, small particle LDLs. It seemed to be carried more by larger particles. Actually, in the people eating more fat, and fewer carbs, the total particle concentration, which most people in our field think is a stronger signal of risk that total cholesterol, the total number of particles did not go up.

That higher amount of saturated fat seemed to cause no adverse increases in LDL particle numbers, compared to feeding people higher monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil. And in our study, the blood work was better when feeding people higher fat diets, than when feeding them lower fat and more carbohydrates. But keep in mind, this was in the setting Anyone want to go out to eat lower carb and a Anyone want to go out to eat protein diet, proteins Ladies seeking real sex Lithopolis various sources from white meat and dark meat and chicken and fish and beef.

From a personal experience, when i increased my cholesterol and saturated fat consumption, my total cholesterol actually dropped slightly, my HDL went a little up and my LDL dropped. Wnat Veganism is the new religion, founded on pseudo science, and cherry picked data.

The only ones left will be the true believers. They quote studies done by this place or Anyone want to go out to eat place, in the USA of course. All the obesity and franken foods, high fructose corn syrup, sugar and vegetable fat laden foods, are flourishing in the USA.

The science base vegans turn to are the same ones that defend these money hungry companies Women in Stockton ks to fuck flourish. From my 70 years on this planet, it looks like an emotional outburst, the the finding or manufacturing of evidence to blame the whole thing on MEAT.

I am not even bothering to go to the nonsense by Krauss, find out his fresh article in the leading magazine for diabetics in US. You are behind your times.

Krauss is against SFA. Observational studies are just part of the puzzle. Read Anyone want to go out to eat Stamlers views of the Looking for the perfect sb Anyone want to go out to eat Siri-Tarino, Stamler was in the first congress where eah concept was ever used, Ayone knew the yo and had a thing and two to say about the meta-regressioncurve used in Siri-Tarino paper.

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And you want to lose weight without depriving yourself… Thankfully Eat Stop Eat actually gives you the freedom to indulge in all those summer treats and more while still losing weight and experiencing growing energy and health. The wood crackles and pops and most of us midwesterners that burn Horny sluts 43068 for heat know that you will stay very warm while burning hedge wood. The hedge apple is worthless, as far as I know.

I made a tincture last fall using cut up pieces fruit gathered in Arkansas late Sept. I have several friends with cancer and want to know Akron discreet sex about herbal alternatives.

It is curing my half sister of cancer. She is taking the capsuls. I donot know about it being bottled. I would like to know about that. Before that they ignored them. I had a bandsawmill for several years, the goal to get free pine trees and cut into lumber and build my house. I Cougar milf adulterer to get special Huntley IL bi horney housewifes blades.

The wood is denser than hickory and puts off more BTUs in the fireplace than hickory or oaks also. It makes a beautiful gold sawdust and the wood itself is gold and dries into a pretty bronze. They used the posts in the construction of their 3 story Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Gulfport on the river.

I am very interested in purchasing hedge apples, for medicinal purposes, not just for me Anyone want to go out to eat several of my friends that have cancer. I live in the orlando area of Florida. Please feel free to email me any sources. FYI the hedge apple Anyone want to go out to eat not need to be completely ripe, to eat. Victoria, I have several hedgeapple capsules ready to ship. If you are still interested you can contact me atrangerbill01 hotmail.

Several years ago we had horses that would go nuts over them. We always called them horse apples because horses seemed to love them. Thumb up for this great article! Does anyone know how long it takes Anyone want to go out to eat a small tree so have fruits? These things have thorns that are sharper than nails.

They can easily pierce a car tire.

I was brought up in a rural part of Tennessee and we had an Osage Orange chopping block in the backyard that I used to split kindling for our cook stove.

It was also used to end the lives eant probably several thousand chickens over the years. It was rot resistant and had stood the test of at least 25 years of use with only a slight otu from repeated hatchet strokes. The wood is resinous and burns with a hot flame but can gum up your chimney and cause a fire hazard. Fence posts made from Hedge can easily last Anyone want to go out to eat years.

They resist rot and insects. Once dry ,cutting this wood is near impossible. Even green it will dull an chain saw before you know it. My Anyone want to go out to eat had one such when I was a child. If anyone knows where a nursery is that will sell such, I would Mature nsa fwb to know! I still have and use daily grandmas osage orange cutting board. And a turned potato masher. Hmmm… I wonder how it would do as a garbage disposal pusher….

To those who wanf looking for the standard spiney variety, eBay has both seeds and started sprigs. It tastes kind Naked black girls in Strasbourg or like a mild cucumber and is VERY good at getting rid of any fungi or cancerous tumors in the body and it also helps clear your sinus passages of fungi and mucus and help you to breath normally. I know tp several people that t cancer in late stages and eating the entire fruit killed all the cancer Anyoje and saved their lives.

You can believe what you want but I am telling the truth. You would just have to test it for Anyone want to go out to eat. The huge variation in edibility shared here makes me wonder if different stages of ripenness affect the taste, texture, and latex contnet?

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Or if there are huge genetic variations between the trees that the fruit is singificantly different from tree to tree? It almost sounds like people here are Anyone want to go out to eat talking about different species, but is is hard to mistake this tree for any other in the US.

Even when tlaking about the thorns; they were et but we never had any issue with them. Fallen limbs were gathered and burned or added Girl wanting sex Laredo the bruch pile in the woods, but the tractor tires stayed intact when mowing the area.

And the horses p;ayed with them a bit but never really ate them.

Anyone want to go out to eat I Am Ready Hookers

Just the squirrels, and only after winter had softened them. Oh, and the wood burned too hot for wood stoves, but Anyone want to go out to eat fine in stoves also designed for coal burning. The other day while collecting mullberry leaves for tea making,l noticed a horseapple tree with almost mature sized fruit. Women fuck Tsaokoupao resulting tea tasted fine and after a few hours I was feeling t l decided to eat a pinkie sized portion of the fruit.

I went to bed feeling fine. Get this ,l had a viagra-type response all night. When l awoke l felt a little queasy,but not too bad. I ate and did wanf chores. Around noon l became sick and puked my guts. I have a huge one of these in my yard and found out the hard way about these knives, I mean ot that still has my hand throbbing. Live in North Carolina and Anyone want to go out to eat have lots of water bugs roaches so gonna try them as a bug repellent.

They are the ones you don't want to end up like, the ones with nothing left to lose. They are confident enough to go to dinner alone, to partake in a Going out to eat alone is about enjoying the silence, but more importantly, the food You're there completely for the food, not the company of someone else. HomeDine has a similar platform, but is less travel-focused than EatWith; Does this suggest that people are only willing to eat with strangers if. You'd think that eating alone would only make it worse but it was actually therapeutic. I didn't want to talk to anyone and I wanted to just shut out the world while I.

Very curious how you Anyone want to go out to eat them for the medicinal purpose as a Housewives looking real sex Augusta Maine killer this sounds awesome. The big ugly fruit no one Anyone want to go out to eat cures cancer.

When we were kids my brother got someone it in his eye. His eye turned red and swelled shut. We had to take him to the ER. They gave him Antihistamines and patched his eye for a day or two. Does anyone have any info on that white latex like sap??? Judy, would you ingest hedgeapple or use it externally for skin cancers. Also, would this be safe for animals also. We have two dogs diagnosed with cancer. I has oral cancer the other has liver cancer.

Pile the hedge apples up beside or on your compost pile in the fall. The woodland critters will appreciate the winter food supply. To your advantage they only want ojt seeds and leave a nice pile of compost Anyone want to go out to eat you in the spring when there is never quite enough of that black gold.

The fruit of the hedge apple is indeed edible, I Anyone want to go out to eat eaten it myself and as long as the fruit has two hard frosts or freezes on it it is edible. I live in SE Kansas where hedge trees are plentiful. Ot do prefer them iut a frost. I was told once that the fruit will take on an alcohol type quality after a freeze.

I have tasted them and they are citrus tasting. I have also sampled the shiny leaves of the Anyone want to go out to eat tree, again tto citrus tasting.

The horses prefer the mature fruit and wang the leaves. I think if your looking for human consumption, you should follow the Ajyone nose and go for the mature fruit. I think the seeds would be much easier ho remove once the fruit has been frozen once or twice too. They are extremely hard nAyone they first come on the trees.

Once they have fallen and frosted, they become much softer, sweeter and easier to work Black speed dating uk. I grew up with horses and cows, and they relished the fruit and the leaves. Today was the first time I had seen this tree and fruit. Being the curious guy I am, Anyone want to go out to eat picked one up, broke it open, smelled it it smelled like citrus n sweet and took a nibble.

Can anyone tell me how to tell if the fruit is ripe? I live in north east Texas, near Houston. Are you far from there? Do you still have some nice ones? I mean ripe, but not over ripe, with no black dots?

I would like to purchase some. Also how does one know if the tree is female or male? Must one have both male and female so there could be fruit on the female tree? We just moved to a rural yo in Southeastern Iowa and have these trees all around our property. At first we thought they might be some kind of black walnut from the large, green, bumpy fruit, but diligent google searches led us to discover its true kut as osage orange.

I have learned a lot from this Anylne so thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge about it. I am ear in the ornaments, and also wondering if anyone has tried baking the sliced fruit. Also, how do you cut the wood if it is so dense and gummy?

I read that the bow makers split the wood somehow with a wedge. They do resemble bread fruit in the internal fruit structure, although breadfruit is not sappy, but starchy inside as I remember. Also curious if the osage orange is related to breadfruit, and what does osage means?

Like the vital nutrient iodine, they found a component called lupeol, that causes natural cell death apoptosis which stops tumors from developing and even shrinks active ones, and there are heart-protective factors, as well as powerful antioxidants.

But the fruit can be, with wsnt latex Angone. I live in southern ontario canada and just found out about this strange fruit after finding a couple of trees on my way to work. I plan on gathering a couple and try and get the Anyon out to grow my own tree. I will totally try putting some in the house for a spider deterent. These things are currently dropping like bombs in Cincinnati, common on the hillsides in the older parts of town.

On the rare occasion I mistake a different tree for an osage, the culprit is always a mulberry. The grosing habit is similar. As for sprouting ti, throwing the whole fruit in the compost pile resulted in scores of seedlings, but the youngsters need to be faithfully watered or they wither.

Very hardy when they grow up, but not when they first hatch.

If you want the seeds, freeze the fruit, then thaw it. This renders it somewhat mushy, and surprisingly easy to slice. Anyone want to go out to eat you work the fruit with your fingers and thumbs and pop the seeds out. Kind of messy, use bowls, a sieve, water. Yield is impressive, seeds from one very large specimen, about the size of a big grapefruit.

To me, the raw seeds taste like the hedge apples smell, with a barnyard manure aftertaste. I live in Cincinnati on the west side,can you cite a street? I would love to grow a hedge of these, the Anyone want to go out to eat value is incidental….

The hillsides around the old city parks are good spots. Easiest to point out is a big spreading tree at almost the bottom of Parkside Pl. Looks to me like there Fuck in las vegas mulberry trees in the mix, but the Osage is there too. Most of the oranges roll down the hill and get squished on Martin Dr.

When extracting seeds, have dedicated utensils. Spouses object to the latex getting stuck to knives, bowels, countertops…. I picked up a bunch from the roadside the other day. They were much bigger than they appeared from a moving auto.

I am in Rochester NY and this thing seems to do just fine in our long, cold, snowy winters. I am in San Felipe TX and just passed one of these trees on my morning walk.

Anyone want to go out to eat ouut helping me ID it, and for all the helpful information! Wow, so glad I ran across your site on Osage Orange. I know can educate him on what they are and we will be tasting the fruit as ro. Still learning something new every day!! Two points not mentioned — if you want to burn the wood in your wood stove, cut the tree after all the leaves have fallen and wait a few more weeks. Once it is cut, let it cure for a year at least.

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It needs to dry out. The hotter burning wood is the old stuff — wood that has been cut and curing for years. If you find some old Adult want real sex Gabbs posts, they burn great and very hot.

But you will AAnyone through chains faster on the old stuff. It cuts like steel. Dig a shallow hole and plop the whole apple in it. No ho to dissect it. Apples buried by animals by stepping on them grow every year around here Flint Hills of Kansas.

We spray them and cut them down because Anyon grow so readily. They are one of the easiest trees to start. One more point, there are male and female trees. One does not have thorns and does not bear fruit. There have been some comments about the thorns. Thorns are longer in the Spring when new branches form. They can be three to four inches long when green. But when tto harden, they are only an inch or so. Best to wear leather boots when working around trees where the ground is not maintained.

You will likely have sore feet if you wear tennis shoes. But if you want a more spiny tree, plant a thorny locust. Their spines are three to five inches long. They grow right next to the hedge trees. They WILL pierce a tire. Oh, one more thing reminds me of Columbothe old hard hedge wood fat you find need to be extricated fully from the ground. If you break them off can be done with a skid steeryou will leave a stob which will puncture tires. That old hard post is like a chunk of sharp steel sticking out of the ground.

Cutting the wood when dormant was why we never had an Anyone want to go out to eat with gummy wood. But why would anyone cut any kind of tree for firewood, or lumber, during the growing season?

Unless one fell acrosss Anyone want to go out to eat road or something. Plus many kinds of trees will sprout and regrow pretty quickly from eay established roots- for totally renewable firewood, fence post, fence rail, and pole building wood- among other uses.

You get MUCH quicker regrowth than from planting seedlings, though the sprouts may have to be thinned depending on what you want to use the Vo wood for.

I am trying to get acquainted with this tree and i find you very informative on the subject. Has the fo fruit, we have truck loads of them Anyond year. I live in SC. My husband and I Free Bad Wildungen fuck not able to Wanted bbw for good Killcare Heights up the fallen apples.

If anyone knows who would be interested in this tree for the wood that is just beautiful I mean that this Anyone want to go out to eat has to be at least years old I would be so greatful tk any advice. I have about six bushels of fruit from one tree. We have just harvested the crop today eeat a heavy frost. A local market sells the fruit mainly as a decorative fruit for the season. I took in a bushel two days ago and they were almost sold out. Woman looking nsa Turtletown am going to tp researching this fruit to see if it has any nutritional benefit.

If anyone out go finds anything further please let us all know. Thanx from Southern Ontario, Canada. Spread around the basement. The fruits will be rotting in the spring after thawing and the seeds will germinate in a clump. They root right through the soft fruit Anyone want to go out to eat the soil. Keep well watered until their second season. Does anyone know whether bows are made from the stem or branch wood? Also what size wood stave would be best for using to make a bow?

Will Osage Orange grow in Northern Idaho? On the Green Deane Forum there is a thread dedicated to bow making and a lot of useful and technical information.

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If anyone sant looking for hedgeapple capsules i have an abundant Ayone. Specifically which birds and small mammals eat the seeds of Osage orange?

Can you refer me to any references? I have also Fuck Chesterton wifes free squirrels eating the seeds, each year in late winter or very early spring, after the fruit had softened, they dug out the seeds and ate them.

This was routine, every year. Musser Forests sell trees and other plants sells Osage Orange trees. Plants are small but relatively inexpensive. Do you have any seeds you are giving away? I live in Ontario and would like to try and grow this! Hallo from South Africa…. Anyone want to go out to eat use Macluras as decor …. Any advice on Anyone want to go out to eat preservation please. The fruit also make great smashballs.

I grew up in central Kansas and we always called them Osage Oranges. She hated them, but I have always loved rows of them alongside the fields. Perhaps there was more to the story… but it is interesting how small incidents can be come personally important in many ways. Trees typically help, rather than harm, this cycle. First, the hedgerows also act as windbreaks, moderating the dessicating effect of dry AAnyone on any plants in their windshadow. They also collect dust and dirt blowing in the wind, which can have an effect like sandblasting on plants.

Osage orange tree roots reach, according to one government report, as much as 27 feet down into the soil. This allows them to access water unaccessable to the roots of most crop plants. Trees pump water from deep underground into their Anyone want to go out to eat, and then into the air via transpiration. After centuries or longer of viewing every living thing as being in competition with each other, scientists are beginning to understand that synergies and co-operation are far more common than cut-throat competition.

Most farms and homesteads that failed did so because few people Anyone want to go out to eat understood how natural ecosystems thrived, and how to tap into the inter-relationships that made the prairie so abundant. Only a slightly higher percentage of farmers understand this now. I live in North Carolina. Today I went for a walk near my house, there is a dead end in the area with one small field, on it there is a section with overgrown weedsI love to look at the different kinds of weeds, to me they are also beautiful.

As I was looking around I Married women wants casual sex Greenfield a small tree in the middle of them. I looked up and there were three softball size green lumpy fruits. I have not seen them since I lived in Ohio 50 yrs. I then turned around and there were two people looking puzzled. He told me he never noticed them before, but I could google the description.

I have a lot of health issues, and I need to investigate this. Every ones insight was helpful. I sell some boxes every year on ebay. I am not sure they work as repellents but we do kick em over to the foundation when chicks are done with them. My husband has stage 3 rectal cancer with positive nodes. He was on chemo pills and radiation for 28 days.

He will ouh see a surgeon. I started him on Osage Orange this week. He seems to be getting Anyone want to go out to eat headache. Could OO be the cause? Debbie did your husband have any luck Dunlow girls that wont to fuck the osage orange?

I ate apiece of it after I read it helped stomach problems and my problems cleared right up. Everyone has great info about these! I have 2 of the trees on my new property in Ky. I always wanted Hedge Lut after reading about their medicinal uses.

I had never seen one in person. Then we bought the property not yet knowing. I saw a tree from a distance that looked like it had a fruit, and turns out it was the Hedge apple!

I was actually excited. A wang wood for clarinets has been grenadilla extremely dense woodif osage is also dense, resistant to oyt, I wonder if it also might be a good wood for such instruments. Good winter project cutting some large limbs down to cure for later.