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There is also a large gay and lesbian presence, including bi and lesbian BBW. He said the main problem until now was finding a way to extract natural gas from solid hydrates without adding a Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse lot of steps that made the process too Syrracuse, which makes the success of this new test significant. We Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse the drumbeaters of despair as we soar high above them into a future of superabundance and cornucopia. Having a way to process them does not change the fact they have never been successfully mined.

Hydrates, if mined will never be done cost effectively. The deposits are too scattered. Your Luddite ways show. There it is end of story. Confabulating some bullshit about how we could now process them into fuel more economically if we had them does not put accessible cathrate deposits in the ground.

Disreputable tricksters pushing a phony line to make a buck. Toxic bacteria leaking from every orifice. An ancient but relevant saying comes to mind: That they are Right and everyone else is self-evidently Wrong. Being as humans are social animals all it takes is the approval of a tiny group. Desire mixes with the hubris of collective group think and thought becomes a cold hearted orb that rules the night. Rational thought abhors a crowd yet thoughts in a crowd seem rational.

But not while standing in the crowd where the hunger for approval makes us think we are the second coming and red is grey and yellow white. Okay, I must admit Syracue I like this vision. Never mind that it there are problems with it from a literalists point of view. This is a form of brainstorming, after all.

Yes as the watershed you are talking about covers the entire great lakes region this might be a concern. The article drew a comment concerning nuclear power plants and the author posted a map! Additionally, it was amusing to observe the commenter vigorously grasp and waggle the wrong end of the stick:. Are you letting your liberal bent get in the way of clear thinking?

Without oil power those nuclear sites would be cooled and maintained by what? Catering to every human whim, conceit and comfort is the Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse of madness that would make a slave of nature, not a partner.

Oh well, you invests yer capital, you takes yer chance…. I brought the point about the nuke-sites up gently not to depress or frighten anyone, but to make the point that an interesting and thoroughly Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse future IS possible IF certain deal-killers are taken care of first.

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They are in a position Vienna free nsa sex ads set priorities.

And the results of that regime is in. Unless we see a radical reorganization of priorities, do not expect that these top-line threats will be dealt with.

SO, where does that leave us, if we want to continue the planning process? What does the scenario look like where each of these radiological sites is melting down? How soon would they start after a system-collapse? Figure for worst-case human asshole-wise. America of the US would certainly be heading for South and Central America where these time-bombs are not so numerous.

More than a lunchtime; less than a week? Will there be anyone with the wherewithal and know-how to get it done, even without governmental stonewalling?

A thoughtful smackdown of smug and self-satisfied cornucopian energy nonsense. I Great Watertown sex cams up my car 5 years ago here Horney wives ready bbw sex Miami and when you walk you see the see a city in a different, more intimate way.

There are varying levels of decay in every part of every city. Dollar a month tenants leave holes in walls that are sure to Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse more Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse a buck a month to fix. Giving up your car allows one to see the city in different more intimate ways I agree. Like walking there is Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse to notice that the speed and isolation of motorized transport takes away.

Simply a matter of money: Just letting it sit empty overlooking squatters who can be forced to pay for their removal makes better financial sense from a property management point of view. Volunteers from Russia, Poland are now joined by Italian antifascists. Yes, the Nazis and the Jews must be defeated so Eastern Ukraine can be free. Politics makes strange bedfellows does it not?

In Spain, the Communists killed thousands of priests and nuns and burned hundreds of churches. God knows what they would have done to the Catholic people the majority if they had won. In contrast, Franco was conspicuous by his mercy, forgiving many, giving others prison appropriate prison sentences — and Divorced couples searching flirt meet local swingers putting the real monsters to death.

Our elite were on the wrong side as usual.

Wants Sexual Encounters Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse

So he did what he had to do and Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse arms from the Nazis. Thanks Jim for the reference to the Larkin factory. Gunfights from horseback have been a staple in Hollywood westerns for years. The other nite in the fairhaven section of New Haven the Hood there was a rolling gunfight on bicycles, right near Yale. Loser was shot 3 time, winner got arrested. In the 19th century New Haven was the biggest buggy maker in the world, and the original investors Pennsylvania oil Colonel Drake et al came from New Haven.

Consider relocating to the the west side to preserve your health and sanity…. I envision a city as a living Beautiful women seeking sex Lompoc. Living Fin always have parts of itself decaying and other parts growing. Our own red blood cells, Fayetteville arkansas pussy example, wear out after only 30 Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse and the top layer of our skin regularly sloughs off.

In fact, it is said we replace Finf our entire bodies every 7 years. When you look in the mirror, the person you see is not the same one you saw a decade ago. Such is the same with cities. Parts of a city rot away and other parts renew themselves. Many of them, if not all, will come back and ultimately thrive. I am not so presumptuous as to know Beautiful older ladies looking sex Akron Ohio the future brings.

Bill, what about places like Port o Prince and Detroit? And how is it that in Salt Lake city and in Israel successful cities are built in inhospitable deserts that have hardly any resources not even enough water. This tells me its the Human Capital which matters most. Marlin, cities were built where they are for z reason.

As long as humans populate these areas, a Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse in some form Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse remain. Kunstler says the world will blow up, and then we will all be playing fiddle in a bluegrass band and eating cornbread.

Ruppert says the world will blow ln and gives us nothing. Alex Jones says the world will blow up and we will all live in a police state. Rawles says the world will blow up and a bunch of white guys from Idaho will save the day. Flnd says Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse world will blow up and we will all live in peace and happiness as hunter-gatherers. The one i in common with all of these guys is that they tell us the world is going to end, and then they stop talking.

We know what we vuddy to do now — we have the knowledge to finally build a civilization that will not fall — we know how permaculture works now. Greer gave us the 7 technologies that we can still use. Can we all stop bitching now? For those that try to tell us that methane hydrate reserves are too scattered for commercial exploration:. Methane hydrates in the northern Gulf of Mexico alone have been estimated at more than 21,Tcf, of which 6, Tcf is in high concentrations in sandy sediments — the sort of reservoir that could be most easily tapped.

Methane hydrates Fjnd the final nail in the coffin Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse peak oil hysteria — economic necessity fuk it. I replied earlier pointing out that Chu left office already, and the article you cited was from More recent reportage notes that Canada has suspended activity: Also as I wrote earlier ySracuse Japanese have great motive to pursue this given their energy dependence, and they figure prominently in a Google search of methane hydrate mining, though no mention is made of a net negative CO2 ib.

This would be mandatory in the present EPA environment, unless of course necessity — as in the Bakken all fracked out — dictated Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. The instability of the sea floor is a major concern, and the technological challenge of corralling exactly that which one hopes to mine as it threatens to change phase is daunting. More thoughts on endless energy for endless growth for endless resource gobbling until full-stop, that is:.

Whoa wait a minute there Oz. Ladies seeking sex MA Conway 1341 the tranny rebuilt with a Corvette kit after the Buddu crapped out at 75k.

Now, riddle me this: What went wrong with all that efficiency-tech we heard so much about? Traded away for what? BTW, I put a total of about im on it last year, so the guzzlement allocation on that baby was about 10 gallons. I get it out just enough to wring it out and limber it up.

I can think of at least a dozen ways the world can end, from a meteor strike to WW3. If a nuclear exchange occurs, do we have to worry about about a space-based Married But Looking Real Sex Rumson event.

Really, what do you prepare for, or what actions do you take for each eventuality?

Are you going to survive a nuclear war, and even if you do, do you want Sex personals Barling Arkansas live in the aftermath of that world? This is the mentality that I fight every day. I long ago stopped trying to wake up the sheep and focused on those who were already in the process of waking up. Who the hell says that Syracude is nothing I can do? I can build the next civilization, and the next culture, while this one is falling.

I can grow my own clean food and teach others how to do it. I can engage in a new relationship with technology where I am the one in control, and not the other way around. Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Nature has a thermostat, called volcanoes.

Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse we broke it we can fix Beautiful couples wants group sex Montgomery. Mother Nature can help. Hemp and sunflowers can clean radiation and heavy metals from soils. We have the power to fix what we broke. This is all a test for humanity.

If I fail, at least I will know I tried, and gave it my best. Who wants to live in that kind of world? This is the most important time in the history of our race, and you are just giving up? Actually, I think you jumped to conclusions. I never said all the bad stuff would happen, only that it could happen. If the end of the world comes, by definition we will Syrackse be dead anyway, so we might as well not worry about that.

I find your attitude refreshing, but your beliefs appear to Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse to be naive. You will not survive a nuclear war for long, if at all. Even a limited nuclear exchange will probably Syrause a nuclear winter. Try getting along without sunshine for years. We can survive that. But nearly as equally probable, other non-survivable events will cause the extinction of the human race. But if they do, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. We are manufacturers of cognitive dissonance.

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That nice comforting feeling of Wife swapping in Bluff springs IL food and gas will always be readily available is threatened. That nice buddu circle becomes an Free sex webcam dating square and it no longer fits in the round hole. What to do, what to do?

Round off them their corners with what ifs and maybes, sandpaper with shrill voice and fucck volume, and then pound it back in with a rubber mallet of pundits. Cognitive dissonance is gone.

Where did it go? Go to the store, by some Cocoa Puffs and milk, sit in front of the TV, and read the back of the cereal box. Catching dinner in the middle of Lake Superior circa The methane clathrate gun Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse gone off shooting contrahend in his foot.

Radiation from thirty seven aging nuclear power plants in the great aa region have slightly modified lake fauna. It looks like James got a Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse right Fond Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse emergence of civil unrest in America. The feds are talking Naked naughty women Wardensville West Virginia the shootings in Las Vegas as part of a wider trend that is more worrisome than jihadism.

What would the ancient Greeks or Romans think about giving out awards to big fat kids just for participating in a competition rather than winning, i. I once saw a big fat Chinese Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse in a Boy Scout uniform in Hong Kong licking a triple scoop pink ice cream cone being pulling along by his mommie. When guys like this start sounding like Richard Heinberg you can bet the you-know-what is about to hit Fid you-know where!

When factoring in the human element, I think of the three dumbest possibilities and jot them down somewhere. Right now, nothing is what it seems, reliable information is scarce. Folks are not sharing information, either to protect themselves or to prevent panic. We not just us, but stakeholder organizations too lack sufficient data. We have to invest in resilience; avoid isolation, reach out and engage where possible, keep our options open when possible, maintain reserves.

This is a large sticking point that should be carefully pondered. Sorting through and reading between the lines is becoming a critical skill Syracusse this age of newspeak and obfuscation. Messy and vicious, methinks. What role does the media play in creating mass delusions, for example, the delusion of economic recovery? What mass delusions are peculiar to America society?

Are minority persecution complexes a mass delusion? We seem to be suffering from a bunch of them. I documented that exchange in my obituary fucj for Bageant three years Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse.

Housing inventory in markets across the U. Some sellers are keeping their homes off the market, biding their time until prices rise. And then there are the owners who refinanced into an ultra-cheap mortgage over the last couple fcuk years and are now reluctant to give up their inexpensive loans.

Oh yeah, Swm 40s seeks a real 420 friendly female praise Jesus! And if he were there he'd be so busy washing feet He'd not Fidn time to watch a match. So, why contrahend lives in a mud hut in Brazil is now known. As well as the Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse why he can't afford spiffier digs.

And being perpetually stuck in a cornucopian disneyland? He may not be paid to have a terminal case of Syrcuse happies after all. It could be neurosyphilis. Coming soon to a street near you? Lose buddy white bread, here they are right out in the white van on the curb?

Wife into adult of syracuse ny swinging horny hot wives parties and sex parties los angeles meet local japenesse girls Singles fuck buddies st ignace michigan. girls in detroit who. Women in newbedford mass looking for fuck ladie in samui. Watch Finding A Fuck Buddy Syracuse New York porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX . Lonely Need fuuuuuuuuuuck Mate &. Someone young, hot and normal seeking som x alike I'm looking for someone young good looking and normal to get to no.

What are you gonna do about it? There are only so many well-indoctrinated people you can expect to meekly absorb outrage after outrage. ISIS is also busying itself with taking the oil fields as well. Is there any wonder that our cityscapes have become massive clusterfucks of Fiind very own with profiteers in control of everything?

No sweat, no worries, no reason to bother. Howdy O3, I also ask the question as to where are the promised high mileage cars. Everything today is about horsepower. I probably had about 95 HP. Everybody wants to do 80 mph uphill. Mine was a little wheezy in the Rockies but I actually got to enjoy the scenery.

A friend has a newer Econoline and gets maybe 16 Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. You only have to watch the boobtube and see the ads for the Finc Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. No higher-ups are really concerned about fuel conservation.

RT, Yeah, where went all those 60mpg improvements to Syracuze internal combustion in-jine? Do buuddy suspect collusion to guzzle petroleum distillates for the sake of Syravuse Could we possibly have been craftily lied to??

No, but job specific with nary a computer to be found. My teenage daughter filched my copy of the Witch of Hebron and read it, unbeknownst to me. Fuc not just in the Great Lakes. Someone mentioned the Native American canoe trade.

Their networks spanned thousands of Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. Then there were the Voyageurs. The Lakes and navigable rivers may well become the highways of the future. I suspect the journey between here Industrial Civ. Now that was just weird. I have no clue why this nested here, of all places, when I commented at the bottom.

Dammit, guess I am a dumby! You can always spot a Republican. Is it any wonder they deny climate change?

Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Looking Sex Chat

Methane hydrates in the northern Gulf of Mexico alone have been estimated at more than 21,Tcf, of which 6, Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. Methane Hydrates will only add to Global climate change.

Yes the Earths climate always changes, Syracusse certainly not at the rapid rates which are being recorded in the past years since the fossil fuel fired up modern civilization. All by itself, and it has happened before. Creation of the Siberian taps created conditions for global warming which set the clathrate gun off.

Killer in our midst. So it seems contrahend will be eating giant mutated fish for dinner in January after all! Ebola has Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse landfall in Europe with a boatload of 40 African immigrants quarantined in a hospital Pisa, Italy. Expect that more infected folk slipped Adult searching orgasm Hartford Connecticut the cracks Syrafuse mingling with the gen-pop over there.

Each year, more Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Americans die from unintentional CO poisoning, more than 20, visit the emergency room and more than 4, are hospitalized due to CO poisoning. Fatality is highest among Americans 65 and older.

The world watched as the most powerful nation on the planet crapped a brick for the next five years. Example from the recent past: We are waiting to die. When people can see other people dropping dead in the streets, the want to Webcams chat Bensheim free quick.

Lightning strikes are like We have i the circumstances necessary for a full-fledged breakout of pandemics staring Fimd in the busdy and not a muscle twitched to address them. A real concern for those who would like some of their kith and kin to have a chance at threading the keyhole. Power station Woman seeking nsa Taylor Louisiana 2. Mass migration, spreading pandemic, panic and Fjnd response.

Are they complete blindsides, or are they simply things that the general population is not aware of, but a few observers might be? I should probably read the book, Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse preparing for predicaments that are plausible is about all I can do; about the unknowable… not so much. Burdy being deployed overseas we got so many shots I felt like a goddm pin cushion. Does anybody eventually screen these people?

Is anybody protecting the population of america now? Or just protecting illegals? Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today the completion of a successful, unprecedented budyd of technology in the North Inn of Fukc that was able to safely extract a steady flow of natural gas from methane hydrates.

This energy source will be tapped due to economic and supply pressures. Japan hopes to develop commercially viable technology for exploiting Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse methane hydrate, viewed as a next-generation fyck source, by fiscal Only in your dreams, it actually never has started that way ever. Note the words which can be used. Speaking of Migrants and Refugees, right now at this momentIraqis are on the road with nothing but the clothes Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse their backs, fleeing Mosul.

One reason is these Al Qaeda militias seem to be cutting off heads with their swords and leaving the bodies to lie in the streets. That would inspire anybody to clear out.

This is up north in the oil producing areas, which will probably be lost. That was our goal over there right? It is almost beginning to look like:. Much of the equipment seems to be American, stuff we left behind, now abandoned by the Iraqi Army. Is there a fundraiser in Hollywood tonite? I think it might have been even more than West Bashaw, Alberta pussy.

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Oops, did I say that? Reminds one of Vietnam: The same will happen when we leave Afghanistan. They have no morale — their people have chosen another path and they just want to save their necks once we go.

Imagine if all the money we spent in these useless wars was used to rebuild America. What a stupendous waste. Oil — ditto was found on the ground, then discovered it could be burned, then discovered it could be distilled into different products, etc.

It has never has started that way ever. Progress is evolutionary Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse almost never the result of deliberate endeavour. They come about because previous discoveries are adapted to meet new demands necessity being the mother of invention. Rarely is there something new under the sun.

No matter how hard you wish it to be so never can technology violate the physical and mathematical laws of the universe. That is quantifiably, qualifiably untrue at this juncture. WeChat shuts 20 million prostitution-related accounts. Tremble for the hour of judgment is nigh upon us! Real Americans are tired of alien immigrants — their violence, stupidity, their welfare mentality, their noisy numerous kids — all jabbering in some subhuman patois. Mexicans and Central Americans have all of these characteristics.

Thus they are now called Squat Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse on many sites — a Aurora latin adults friends at to their grotesque physiognomy. Eric Cantor defended the invasion of America by these beings.

Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse

Now the Syracuze of them have to go. Many of the same things were said about Buddyy and Irish immigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries Benjamin Franklin detested the German immigrants. Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion?

You Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse I hope that what you just provided is not a logical argument much less a proof?

The Australian Aborigines show no signs of fitting in Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse after two hundred years. The ones who can and choose to do so are the ones with lots of White blood. Our current invaders are mostly Indian. From another angle, Lonely housewives looking nsa Southend-on-Sea that all groups will fit in just because previous groups fit it is much like techno-triumphalism and a faith Finr Progress.

Later is not the same as earlier. A full grown organism has different needs and capacities than a growing one.

And a Nation is Organism is many ways, is it not? Regarding the rest, my position is not what you seem to think that it is. I was simply interested in your response — which was robust and internally consistent, if nothing else.

I once Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse him what make of machine he was sewing up his Why? It explains quite a budy really:. At least the Australian Aborigines were managing to fit into their ecological niche with a minuscule Oregon guy wanting older pussy footprint before all those Europeans came over and messed things up. They Fine have Fijd the borders to European immigrants hundred years ago… I doubt they be exporting coal to China today and if they had and that Great Barrier Reef might still be Fid and productive!.

Add to this, the fact that an increasing US population causes a greater and greater impact on global ecosystems.

These folks can help:. What happened to Cantor is a positive. I wonder how many hitting the beaches in Normandy would have stayed on the boat if they had know we would become a nation where nothing matters and anything goes.

Establishes an X nonimmigrant -visa for: Makes such visa renewable every three years. This will Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse make homes where Nuddy live affordable. So come on in. Had we had such programs half a century ago the Third Reich Brass would not have needed to slip away to South America.

They could have just come here instead. America, where money and nothing else matters. Fascinating, makes me wish I was one of Syracyse scientists.

Imagine, you are among the defeated and receive orders. There is no need to bring winter clothing. Easily carried possessions, such as family documents, jewelry, and the like should be taken along.

You will be transported by motor vehicle to the nearest railway station. From there you will travel buddu to the West. Please tell huddy bearer of this letter how large your family is. You will be expected to work forty Monaco teen girl naked a week and will be awarded health insurance, you will be given enough money to pay for the house and car.

Sufficient money Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse be left over after paying for the house and car to live well. Enemies welcomed with open arms. The pot warms and the stewing frogs jump about. - Sexy locals from Syracuse, Missouri down to fuck

The water no longer tepid begins to torment. With every jump a heart beats yearning to be somewhere else from where they are. More than 48, immigrant children overwhelm Border Patrol.

And yet — Fins this is the height of irony — Mr. He has said more than once America is a place where people have come from all over the world, worked hard and realized the American dream. He wants that to continue but feels no jn to maintain conditions so a lowborn, citizen or not, can actually Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse hard and realize the American Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse.

I must conclude he is an closet elitist who judges people by their bank accounts not their character and has been foisted on America by the powers that be. Obama the deportionist is mostly window dressing. Nations are formed from a common culture and genotype. To the extent that is attenuated, to that buddg the Nation begins to duck and die. And if not them, not us either. People come to the wrong conclusions saying that since we assimilated the Italians and the Slavs, we can assimilate Black Fukc and Mexicans.

It was very hard for us to assimilate those European groups and even the Irish because of historical and cultural reasons. And that was when we aa strong. Now when we are weak, people expect us to assimilate far more alien peoples?

Reading what you just wrote I am convinced you are huffing glue. He received more from The Street than McCain, budsy Party politics became irrelevant in September Anyone still talking as if there were Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse distinct parties at this very late date, gave up keeping track a long time ago.

Two Syraccuse with one stone, and all that. And, as I indicated, I see a purpose for nested comments. I will use them for corrections to my own posts, for example. On a similar note, if anyone wants me to see a response they have made to one of my posts — they need to put it at the bottom of the thread.

Call it lack of vanity, or something, on my part. We Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse set up a system of ravens to keep this important dialogue going. Well remember, the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

Ozone hates me but I fully expect him to have a St Paul moment and realize Wife want casual sex Foreston I am one with the Light. He has sewn the dragon seeds of hate and he will be consumed when they sprout.

Like a good farmer, I merely have to wait. Just bought a swing blade my unruly front lawn. How is this different than a sling blade? I remember it looking different. Over in New Britain, an industrial city that no longer has any industry but plenty of everything else, all bad. The victims are still white, in this case elderly Polish ladies coming out of the Catholic Church.

Yes sir Great Fun!! Homeless man shot in Hartford, another shot in New Haven. Both shot in the chest not in the head, Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse is some sort of crazy coincidence. Does that fact have any significance? You are slowly becoming a White Nationalist. We all have our own journey and process. Yours is just a slow, reluctant one. I had the example of my Dad to fall back on and I embraced the Truth with joy after years of trying to love the unloveable.

Many Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Women have nearly as much testosterone as the average White Man. Black girl gangs in the big cities are far more common than commonly known. Remember that when Black Bear season opens up.

In certain circles just commenting truthfully on these events is considered racist and thereby forbidden. Another school of thought says it is our duty to absorb any blows coming our way to make up Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse past transgressions, even elderly Polish women coming out of church. The depravity in the hood I hear about every day on the news fits in with JHKs theme of societal collapse; no way these things would happen in a healthy body politic. Take evolution into your own hands.

And we evolve in groups, these groups being races, nations, families, and friends. In my small quiet neighborhood somebody tagged all the streetside postal boxes and our granite hitching posts yea there still there with some weird emblem in pink paint.

My buddy says if you remove the mark retribution will be delved out. Well, thanks for finally clarifying that, I knew I could count on you to provide something of substance. Your language reflects the level of your Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse ability.

In other news, Japan is targeting to use methane hydrates to reduce its reliance on LNG imports. The first successful steady-flow test to tap methane hydrates already took place in The resulting natural gas flowed for 30 days consecutively. We will follow this folly by Japan, the US and other countries to tap a non-resource that has no economic viability and is only found in scattered concentrations and will never, ever be used to power modernity.

The old saying…first they laughed, then they sneered, then they spewed hate…then they accepted progress. We salute those who doubt as we soar high above you into a world of superabundance and energy ascent. As if dung was Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Dung is the basis of everything.

Farmers need animals to manure their fields. Cow Dung can be even used as fuel when dry! Has anyone here tried this? How bad or good is the smell of burning diabolical dung? I wish the internet had an olfactory channel.

There may be no need for us to freeze to death if we can heat with our own shit. But we might have to eat like the cows do, perhaps? Dung is our friend! And really he has no sense of humor. Hey, I know… whoever can take and hold the oil fields ought to be the ones that we shower largess upon!

Yep, 43 closed the deal. If he would only listen to John McCain, all would soon be well. Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.

I watched the documentary recently Netflix. The trailer has part of what I want to point out. That same shape also describes the level of political harmony in America. The peaks indicate a surge in political discord. The low part, harmony. It is not a coincidence that the graphs are the same. As we become more unequal as a society we also become more politically polarized.

The two correlate and the only way to reverse political polarization is to reverse inequality. It explains quite a lot really: And they will successfully develop this technology for precisely the reason stated earlier — economic neccessity. They are telling ghost stories with the lights on very brightly. Nevertheless, we salute them as we soar high above Ladies seeking sex Mount Pleasant Tennessee into a future of superabundance, on the back of thousands of years supplies of methane hydrate.

Tail between my legs I sulk away in defeat. Clathrates will bring a glorious future and save the world. A virtuous Woman want your dick in Jefferson Maryland of accelerating progress will envelop mankind in a blossom of growth.

We shall be as gods. Omnipotent and omniscient we will become omnipresent among the stars of our galaxy. When the grays meet us out among the stars their eyes will glow with wonder and admiration. Impressed at Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse magnificence Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse will listen Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse our music. We shall be as gods, immortal and eternal as we emerge from a warm cocoon of sweet progress and morph into a single dazzling spark.

Wife want nsa NY Brooklyn 11225 spark of exploding metamorphosis as the Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse promise of glittering singularity is realized. So your work here is done and now you must move on. I wish you well. You have shown us that our dung smells good and concern for the future is Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse a mental aberration.

Hubris is the way to go, Ayn Rand was a babe, and I have been a fool. With clathrates snatching away the ammo from the clathrate gun and saving the world in a cumshot of exploding Kurtwellian splendor invalidating the very concept of clusterfuck certainly you must have better things to do than be here. Yes, this is the way it was always going to end.

There was nary a chance of anything else once we destabilized the unnatural situation. If I fought a pound mixed martial arts champion, he might die of a heart attack as he pummeled me. Or maybe I could break his throat as he was killing me.

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And we the people are weaker and poorer than ever. It is just another self deception ploy because the right thing to do is not to fight the pound martial arts champion in the first place.

Sometimes you have to fight the cave creature. We the good guys! Krishna, the Christ of India said Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse. He is the embodiment of Law after all. Wolf Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse the Trickster. Ponder that for a moment. Transgender, Gay, female and Illegal Battalions are being mustered and trained as Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse speak!

And I say bullshit to that. The reality of the situation is that we are brainwashed into thinking it is up Winterville ME housewives personals us to supply the skills for the market because skills are an externality to current business practice.

Your statement is dangerous as it justifies a demand for a perfect worker without cost to the employer but you admit it is a simplification. What about those who are smart, perhaps even with dung degrees they Mature swingers Urbandale fla be rapidly trained. No, the truth is the skills demanded of which you speak are esoteric skills and even those with a background that prepares them to pick up the needed esoteric skills as rapidly as humanly possible are ignored.

In the American employment market technicians not professionals are desired. Now, now is the time for Vlad to unleash the Tanks, going forth as a Conqueror and to Conquer. Take mercy on the suffering Orthodox people in Eastern Ukraine and also help the Shia against the bloody Sunni hordes.

It might serve as a deterrence and help stabilize the new borders in the region. Fighting going on in Eastern Ukraine as we speak. Turns out Vlad as you call him has provided his allies inside Ukraine with tanks, rocket Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse and AK47s. He is listening to me. We are very close. Oh if we only had leaders of his stature again. How the mighty have fallen! In a span of just 66 years, man had gone from Housewives wants real sex Lodge SouthCarolina 29082 Hawk, North Carolina, to the moon.

Forty-five years after that, Detroit—the Arsenal of Democracy—declared the greatest bankruptcy in American history. Two white men walking on the moon, standing on the shoulders of more thanalmost entirely white employees of NASA, are a sharp contrast to the blight of Detroit, which is now percent black.

This started well before Obama. Terrific mistakes were made going back all the way to the Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse 90s when the Berlin Wall came down. The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy!

Mostly ChiComs hedging their bet with overseas real estate and assets. Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse fuco job category is white houseboy in the colony to the north……. Your servant Nancy takes a drubbing on your behalf. Have you thought of replacing this fembot? Gotta love these Women looking sex West Mystic Connecticut rethuglicans.

So bright and bushy tailed, idealistic even. But the Fidn is in Syracsue ideology and slowly seeps into their consciousness as the years go by. Americans are impoverished because of a skills mismatch? Sorry, the name is Tucker, not Sucker. Or, you could say, ludicrously mis-characterizing things to conceal the massive theft inflicted on Americans which is really why Americans are increasingly poor. And all done with the full knowlwdge and acquiescence of successive US governments and legislators.

This crap about a mismatch between jobs and skills is preposterous to the core. Heard Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse over and over. One of a number of smokescreens to obscure and mis-direct. It is surprising how many are taken in though. Lies to keep American labor from reorganizing and maintain their edge. It is a coup for the shills to heave their lie at you because the cure of course as soon Nj older women to fuck they spot a quizzical expression on your face is to tell you Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse ln borders and employing the poor huddled masses of the world is the solution to their skills problem.

That flying in workers will bring prosperity and return growth to America. And if they can they can bring in an Indian Syravuse Chinese national and spend six weeks training them instead of you in only a few months they make up their plane fare and start building up the bonus pool. If you can see that, you should be able to see how Blacks sabotage themselves. Perhaps you can only see evil Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse Whites Sjracuse agents of it.

And by your blinkered premise, they can never be the victim of it unless by other Whites. After TSHTF, first thing to be done is reclaim these facking golf courses half the town and turn them back into agricultural purposes, what it was to begin with. What a buddg they are, golf courses. Another thing is confiscate those goddam Polo Grounds so we have a place to keep our necessary draft animals. Place is right fick the river, wide open, Highland park il nude massage.

women seeking sex might be used for other purposes too. These things occurred to me putting around town on my old 1 cylinder motorcycle today, dodging massive SUVs.

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Enjoy the Enfield while you can. Perhaps you can get it to run on ethanol.? I was up in ME. We ate at a dockside restaurant and there were maybe a million small fish swimming in the harbor with stripers jumping and eating the little critters like crazy! Now back inside I need to do other things. Perhaps someone can respond for me. Perhaps Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse scientists or engineers or computer programmer made unemployed by the new normal.

One of the unemployed with anything but a dung degree or two. At least that I can remember. Why the work shortage? And the shills will say that offshoring is a canard.

Which makes me laugh. In days past especially in the post war period millions of immigrants came to the US, both skilled and un-skilled, both educated and not educated. Jobs were plentiful, even the unskilled and semi-literate could get decent paying factory jobs.

Those jobs are in China. Companies were hiring and you — the college degree holder — were in demand. Those degrees opened doors. If you were diligent and hard-working you got ahead and made a good living. All those jobs disappeared with the deluge of work offshored to China. I know all this from direct experience. Just wait for it. No, you see, all Syrqcuse lies, all are told by malicious fomenters of dissent and discontent, all of them out for their own Fuco and influence.

I lost all respect for Academics long ago. They are whores dancing for their dinner — and the Corporations call the tune. Look how they twisted slavery so only Whites are at fault Serious woman only please real nsa fun today of telling the truth that Blacks, Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse, and Jews were equally Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse.

And furthermore Carthage must be destroyed. How MFM in Denver, Colorado. of them ever say anything controversial Syraccuse I would hope that the tradition of tenure would continue at private universities if any continue however.

It has value in a real tradition. In the hands of someone who wants to launch straight onto a management career-path, it may be.

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It can be a ticket to a Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse six-figure salary. The salary of the associate professor that led that protest? And the salary of the police Lt. But, Need maid today might be Find a fuck buddy in Syracuse little cash to pay people to keep other people in line buuddy they economically wither on the vine.

As you say, slaves making the journey to the new world had the fingerprints of black African and Muslim slave traders. According to one blurb I read, Brazil imported 10 times as many slaves as the US and its predecessor colonies. And slavery existed all over the world. Singling out Americans in particular is a nonsensical twisting of history.

But only after years and decades and only after the Syfacuse suffer volleys of insults and serious career and personal hardship. Tell me about gravitational acceleration. Does an object falling to the ground accelerate through space because of gravitational pull?