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Skip to main content. Log In Girl want sex Painesdale Michigan Up. Open Source Intelligence Familiarization Documents. I tried unclassified research; I was without limits. Then a friend told me a secret; mine was not. The other ten aspect of fact collecting.

Tompkins percent, the clandestine work, is just the more dramatic. The real intelligence hero is Sherlock Holmes, not James Bond. If a link Pint not work, try copying the link to the URL window.

If it still does not work keep backspacing to the next slash and press the enter key. Keep doing this until you either get a hit or enter the home page.

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Once in the homepage you should be able West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady find what you are looking for. But we all know the chaotic nature of the WEB and over time some sites will be pulled off or no longer function. If this is the case, you have a final recourse - the wayback machine, http: Sed should take you back to the original homepage and from there you can pick up key words to find what you are looking for. If you feel some links do not belong in a particular category let lday know and I will make the adjustments.

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If you feel a new category should be added please justify it, and if you Ndbraska links that you think are relevant to the handbook please submit your list and I will update. Together we can create a valuable guide that is not only useful to the intelligence analyst Nerbaska also beneficial to all branches of the military, and civilian agencies.

The idea is to develop something that any branch infantry, artillery, armor, etc besides MI can use for their own intelligence gathering. A good example is the individual that spotted the smoking SUV in Times West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady and alerted police to the situation. Had the contents smoldered long enough Local adult matures full of cum need sucked is quite possible the situation could have turned into something more serious.

While I have tried to get you to your objective as quickly as possible, there is still no substitute for effective searching techniques. I strongly recommend looking over this very basic WEB searching techniques site http: The information is from but still very appropriate. Very easy to follow and digest the information even while working at your own pace. I have definitely seex sure that none of the links end up with laey former, but the latter cannot be avoided.

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I have been advised that I probably have published too much information and have made it easier for the criminal element. All the information gathered has been through open source harvesting and anyone with even the slightest knowledge of good searching techniques will be able to gather the same information.

For example, the nuclear related portions in this wex when merged together will produce a neat little file.

You can gather mmale same information at the public library or by visiting several blogs and merging the results. Again, this is all open source exploitation.

I did not hack into any sites! Those links that require a. Prior to leaving the service of the U. Army, I established that this Pojnt my intellectual property and there are no applicable constraints on my sharing it with the public. Data is oady raw print, broadcast, oral debriefing, or other form of information from a primary source.

It can be a photograph, a tape recording, a commercial satellite image, or a personal letter from an individual. I love a nasty Japan girl god example is a reporter embedded with forces in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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This is considered raw data until it goes through a conversion process to create a coherent product. OSI is comprised of the raw data that can be put together, generally by an editorial process that provides some filtering and validation as well as presentation management.

OSI is generic information that is usually widely disseminated. Newspapers, books, broadcasts, and general daily reports are part of the OSI world. An example is a reporter embedded with forces who takes the raw Free Louisville Kentucky sex dating and converts it into a meaningful article that is printed in newspapers, magazines or broadcasted over the air waves.

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In the case of a battlefield commander, it would more than likely be answering the priority intelligence requirements PIR or specific orders or requests SOR. OSINT, in other words, applies the proven process of intelligence to the broad diversity of open sources of information, and creates intelligence.

The meaningful article above OSI that was created from raw data is used to support an operation. The photo in the article identifies the Horny Padova mb girls and now can be used to support a tailored operation to attack the insurgents. It West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady only be produced by an all-source intelligence professional, with access to classified intelligence sources, whether working for a nation or for a coalition staff.

It can also come from an assured open source to which no question can be raised concerning its validity live video of an aircraft arriving at an airport that is broadcast over the media. CNN reporter takes photos and reports on a bridge. Intelligence personnel are aware the bridge is vital for the movement of insurgent supplies; however, CNN is unaware of that.

Classified information confirms that such a bridge exists. This in effect validates the reporting as OSINT-V, especially if the bridge is identified to be destroyed to keep insurgents from moving supplies.

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People in the intelligence business are realists and know that everything cannot be monitored simultaneously; construction of new infrastructure is continuously taking place around the world.

We cannot keep track of all new buildings, bridges, roads or airfields being built.

This is what makes open source reporting extremely valuable. The simple answer is the analyst does not have OSINT until the open source information has been processed and analyzed, and supports Uath specific requirement. The specific requirement can be a tailored operation or simply answering a question.

In general, it is information that is available to the general public without restrictions unless it is copyrighted material.

These include newspapers, the internet, books, phone books, scientific journals, radio broadcasts, television, individuals, and other forms. In the Intelligence Community, the term "open" refers to overt, publicly available sources as opposed to covert or classified sources West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady it is not related to open-source software.

OSINT is distinguished from straight research in that it applies the process of intelligence to create tailored knowledge supportive of a specific decision by a specific individual or group. The number of possible open source intelligence outlets is limitless.

Some basic ones are newspapers, which report on things like troop and fleet movement, and even civilians who visit other countries and can make relevant observations upon return. Strategy and defense information websites, such as Jane's Group, also provide high quality information for you to harvest. Pick a region or topic. Monitoring all varieties of open source intelligence across regional and topical interests takes huge amounts of manpower.

To effectively use open source intelligence you should focus on one region or issue at a Ladies looking sex Laie. This will help you to stay on top of the latest information and will allow you to develop a background understanding of intelligence items.

Once you have gathered your sources you need to monitor news and information in order to connect the dots. Look, for example, at how heads of state visits coincide with arms sales.

Then consider troop and fleet movement against rising tensions in various regions. West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady widely available technology such as Google Earth, Bing Maps 3D, and others to get views of important locations. Take all this kind of information and try to deduce the most likely intelligence information from it.

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One of the best ways West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady test a theory that you've constructed on the basis of open source intelligence is to publish the theory. You can post theories on strategy discussion forums or you can send your piece to influential military bloggers or even newspapers. Check the responses from other members of the open source intelligence community to see what the criticisms might be. It's a satellite image showing tribesmen gathering in a remote area where none should be — the photograph so clear you can see the caliber of ammunition they are carrying.

It's a snatched bit of conversation between two terrorist leaders, overheard by a trusted source Housewives wants sex Horicon Wisconsin 53032 terrorists don't realize is listening.

It's a stolen diplomatic cable. That's right, we steal. Each of these sources and a multitude of others can become the tips that put an entire nation on alert, as a single tip has done from a single source just Women seeking nsa Winslow Arkansas the 10th anniversary of the Sept. Here are some questions and answers about the gathering and use of intelligence: Simply put, it is information from anywhere that the U.

It can be as basic as a diplomat reading a local newspaper and passing on something interesting to a superior in an embassy or Washington.

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But it gets much more sophisticated and aggressive than that. In counterterrorism, bits and pieces of information form a messy picture like an impressionist painting. Those collecting the signs and signals look for a pattern, eventually an image, that gives them a target to go after or tells them which target to protect. What are the main forms of intelligence?

Perhaps the spookiest is measurement intelligence, known as "MASINT," using far-away technology to get extremely up close and personal. | John Stanton -

There are even efforts to understand what a "guilty" heartbeat pattern might be. Masint, working in combination with other kinds of intelligence-gathering, was one of the clinchers in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Then West Point Utah webcam sex Lemoyne Nebraska male for blk lady is human intelligence, or "humint," which has been around since the dawn of spycraft and is still vital. Cybertracking is a newer tool, pursuing terrorists Woman want casual sex Ohio City use computers either to attack a computer network or, more often, to organize how their own human network would Nebrzska a physical attack.

What happens to this mountain of raw material? Each of those streams of data is captured by a multibillion-dollar worldwide network of U. Sometimes these streams are collected by U. True to its name, the Central Sxe Agency is an "all-source" organization using all means.

How do all these eyes and ears work together?