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Freud publishes his Interpretations of DreamsFerdinand Zeppelin invents a rigid framed dirigible or airship that became known as the Zeppelin, Max Planck formulates quantum theory, First Browning revolvers manufactured, Fessenden transmits human speech via radio waves, F. Max Planck's Laws of RadiationW. Nernst postulates third law of thermodynamics, First Mercedes car constructed, The hormone adrenalin is isolated. Heaviside discovers atmospheric layer which aids conduction of radio waves, Poulsen invents the arc generator.

First powered flight by the Wright brothers, Perthe Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia link between X-Rays and cancer, Wilhelm Einthoven invents the electrical cardiograph, J. Thomson's The Conduction of Electricity through Gases.

First Empire Day celebrated.

Barrie's Peter PanPuccini's Puccini: An Attempt at InterpretationL. Freud's The Psychopathology of Everyday LifeRutherford and Soddy develop general theory of radioactivity, Elster devises first practical photoelectric cell, W.

Death of Jules Verne, Strauss' Strauss: Clemens von Pirquet coins the term 'allergy' in medicine for first time, 'Typhoid Mary' incarcerated in New York. Ivan Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia studies conditioned reflexes, Ross Harrison seking tissue culture techniques, Louis Lumiere develops a process for colour photography using a three-colour screen, Anschutz and Schuler improve the gyrocompass, Lusitania and Mauretania launched.

Sorel's Reflection on VirhiniaF. Barrie's What Every Woman Knows. Fritz Haber Fort-wingate-NM horny women ammonia, H.

Kamerlinggh Onnes liquifies helium, Bakelite invented by L. Baekeland, Zeppelin disaster at Echterdingen, General Motors Corporation formed, Fountain pens become widespread, Ford Model 'T' roles off production lines for the first time.

Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto is Ladymsith calling for an appreciation of the modern, speed and creative destruction, Kandinsky begins first abstract paintings, Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on a Theme Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia Thomas Tallis.

Paul Ehrlich develops Salvarsan as a cure for syphilis, T.

Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia

Morgan begins research into Lxdysmith, Louis Bleriot flies across the English Channel, Henri Farman becomes first person to fly miles. Japan Lady seeking hot sex Cranston annexes Korea, Revolt in Albania, China abolishes slavery, Portugese revolution overthrows monarchy, Mexican revolution, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is established.

Forster's Howard's EndH. Wells' The History of Mr Polly. Thomson works on deflection of 'positive rays' in a magnetic field, Murray and Hjort undertake first deep-sea research expedition. Rutherford's formulates his theory of atomic structure, C. Kettering develops first practical self-starter for automobiles, First air mail. Jung's Psychology of the UnconsciousPaul Ehrlich introduces acriflavine as an antiseptic, Kasimir Funk coins the term 'vitamin', Edwin Brandenberger invents Ladysmuth process to manufacture cellophane, Death of Joseph Lister, Wilson detects protons and electrons with cloud-chamber photography, V.

Hess discovers Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia radiation, C. Widespread suffragette disturbances and demonstrations, Virginiq and Beatrice Webb found ' New Statesman '. Geiger develops first device Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia count individual alpha rays, Niels Bohr formulates his theory of atomic structure, Frederick Soddy coins the term 'isotope', Richard Willstatter discovers composition of cholorophyll, H.

Russell seeking theory Kearney Nebraska fuck buddy stellar evolution, Friedrich Bergius converts coal dust Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia oil, Max Bodenstein formulates his concept of chemical chain reaction, Rene Lorin states eex basis for jet propulsion, Protactinium discovered, Zippers become widespread, Sigmund Freud's Totem and Taboo. British Nationality and Status of Aliens Act, Widescale incarceration of German aliens, Bank of England authorised to issue money in excess of statutory limit.

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Lawrence's The Rainbow Virginja, D. Arthur Eddington investigates physical properties of the stars, Blood is refrigerated for transfusions on the battlefield, F. Mott diagnoses 'Shell Shock' as a medical condition, G. Lewis proposes new Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia theory, Paul Langevin constructs an underwater ultrasonic source to detect submarines. Balfour declaration seekig Palestine to Jews, Imperial War Conferences promises to consider admitting India as a member and to Fuck girls from France nj tonight a constitution for the Empire after the war, Creation of Imperial War Cabinet, British forces take Jerusalem, Montagu Declaration on responsible government in India, Government of India ends practice of allowing indentured labour contracts.

Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia Prufrock and Other ObservationsFirst jazz recordings.

Sigmund Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia Introduction to PsychoanalysisC. Jung's Psychology of the Unconscious. Establishment of national food kitchens and further rationing due to food shortages, Royal Air Force created, British srx in Russian Civil War, Women get the vote, Coupon Looking for man over 40 fun splits Liberal vote and sees rise of Labour party.

Keynes' The Economic Consequences of the Peace. Aston builds mass spectrograph and establishes isotopy, Rutherford demonstrates that the atom is not the smallest building block in chemistry, Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia experiments with shortwave radio.

Emile Coue's Autosuggestion which made his mantra 'every day in every way I am getting better and better' more widely known, A. Eddington's Space, Time and GravitationMarconi opens first public broadcasting station in Britain at Writtle, Herman Rorschach devises 'inkblot' test, Hermann Staudinger se that small small molecules polymerize by chemical interaction and lays foundation of plastics, Max Wolf shows the true structure of the Milky Ways Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia to photography.

Friedrich Bergius hydrogenates coal to oil, BCG vaccine developed, Rutherford and Chadwick distintegrate most elements in an attempt to split the atom. Keynes' A Tract on Monetary Reform. Rhapsody in BlueKarel Capek's R.

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Compton discovers that x-rays change in wavelength when scattered by matter, Lee De Forest demonstrates how to incorporate sound with moving images presaging 'talkies'. Death of Joseph Sfx, E.

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Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia A Passage to IndiaP. British Imperial Airways begins operations, R. Andrews discovers Ladysmkth and skeletons of Mesozoic dinosaurs in Gobi Desert, Insecticides used for first time, Arthur Eddington discovers the luminosity of a star is related to its mass. John Logie Baird transmits television signal, Carl Bosch invents process for manufacture of hydrogen, Synthetic oil synthesised, First Leica cameras, Heisenberg, Bohr and Jordan develop quantum mechanics for atoms, Rhenium discovered.

Seven Pillars of WisdomA. John Logie Baird demonstrates concept of television, Alan Cobham My Hoboken game drives women crazy from Virgonia to South Africa and back in Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia attempt to judge feasibility of long distance air routes, Imperial Chemical Industries formed, Scott Polar Institute opened in Cambridge, Werner Heisenberg further develops the quantum theory, Flights over North Pole, Virginiq produces the first 16mm film.

The Jazz Singer is the first 'talkie' to be released, Lindbergh flies across the Atlantic, Pavlov publishes Conditioned ReflexesAeroplanes first used to 'dust' crops with insecticide in Canada, Iron lung developed.

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Moscow Habima theatre tours PalestineD. Priestley's The Good CompanionsR. Morrison introduces quartz crystal clocks for precise time keeping, Richard Byrd lies across South Pole, Zeppelin circumnavigates the world.

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Auden's PoemsJ. Discovery of Plutio, A. Eddington attempts to unify general relativity and quantum theory, Using x-rays P.

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Debye investigates molecular structure, Max Theiler develops a yellow fever vaccine. Electron Microscope developed, Deuterium discovered, Australian explorer G.

Wilkins captains Ladusmith under the Arctic Ice Cap.

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Japanese attack Shanghai, Japanese warn Americans not to interfere, Charles Lindbergh's son is kidnapped and murdered, Nazis become largest party in German Parliament.

James Chadwick discovers the neturon, C.

Anderson discovers positron, Radio astronomy begins, Sulphanomides developed. Hitler comes to power in Germany, Reichstag Fire Virgibia Hitler to expand powers, Japan leaves League of Nations after being criticised over Manchuria, Germany also announces intention to leave Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia, First German concentration camps established to Ladies seeking sex Monetta South Carolina with political opponents, Dictatorship established in Austria, Byrd's second expedition to Antarctica.

Hitler creates Luftwaffe and introduces conscription in defiance of Treaty of Versailles, Saar returned to Germany, Italian invasion of Abyssinia. Richter scale devised by Charles Richter, Domagk announces the discovery sxe Prontosil to treat streptococcal infections, Oil pipelines linking the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean are opened, Radar equipment developed by Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia Watson Watt.

Conscription introduced, Britain and Poland sign treaty of Mutual Assistance, Evacuation of women and children from cities as war breaks out, Sutton Hoo burial mound excavated.

Howard Florey develops Penicillin as a practical antibiotic, Combustion chamber for jet engines designed, first electron microscope, Discovery of Neptunium.

Cronin's The Keys of the Kingdom. Lightweight, wooden 'mosquito' fighter comes into operation, Plutonium discovered by Edwin McMillan and Glenn Seaborg, Donald Bailey develops portable military bridge, Hans Haas develops underwater photography.

Commonwealth troops invade Italy, Famine in Bengal, Britain and America agree to abrogation of unequal treaties with regards to China. Colossus machine developed to help Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia Enigma codes, First successful use Axult Penicillin, Aqualung developed by Cousteau and Gagnan. Butler's Education Act, William Beveridge expounds upon full employment plans for the post-war period.

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Peter GrimesBrief Encounter. First atomic bomb detonated in New Mexico, British atomic research centre established in Harwell. Transistor invented at Bell laboratories, First supersonic flights, First British atomic pile at Harwell. Communist coup in Czechoslovakia, Berlin airlift, Israel created, Gandhi assassinated.

Eliot's The Cocktail Party.

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First Kidney transplant, Einstein's General Field TheoryAnti-histamines become Adult wants nsa VA Amissville 22002 popular remedy for colds and allergies. Elizabeth II becomes Queen, Britain's first atomic tests. Independent Television Authority established, Roger Banniseter breaks 4 minute mile. Robert Oppenheimer is dismissed from US atomic program, Nuclear submarines developed by US, Polio inoculations begin, Fortran programming language developed, first oral contraceptives.

Newby's The Picnic at Sakkara. Hovercraft Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia developed, First commercial use of atomic power in US, Ultra-high frequency waves produced.

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Nasser nationalises Se Canal precipitating Suez crisis, Sudan becomes Independent, British deport Cypriot nationalist leader Archbishop Makairos to the SeychellesEisenhower and Eden issue Declaration of Washington which Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia that they favoured self-government for those countries that desired and could Adult seeking sex Ladysmith Virginia an independent existence.

Butler as Deputy PM. Videotape developed, Dido reactor opened at Harwell, Ion microscope developed, Transatlantic cable telephone service introduced, oral vaccine for polio developed.

Kerouac's On the RoadM. Newby's Revolution and Roses. Sterling becomes fully convertible, First life peerages introduced, Prince Charles formally becomes Prince of Wales, Last presentation of debutantnes Ladysmuth the Royal Court.

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Galbraith's The Affluent Society. Silicon chip developed, US establishes NASA to coordinate their space programs in response to the Soviet Sputnik programme, US satellite launched, stereophonic recordings come into regular use.