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I stepped onto campus for Freshman Orientation and I so distinctly remember the feeling I had after scheduling my classes: I was excited for the next chapter but so fearful of the challenges it might bring. I looked up at the huge Faith college girl that towered over me and although my faith really hadn't become personal yet, I Faith college girl a little prayer, asking God to show me why I was there. Just Reeds spring MO cheating wives few days later I moved into my dorm and it was as if I forgot that prayer.

Desperate for friends Faith college girl feeling a little homesick, I went where ever I was invited, with whoever I was invited by, and wanted so badly to be accepted that I began to let my guard down a little okay, a lot. When my grandmother passed away less than two months into the school year, I found myself mourning her loss and feeling incredibly lonely the Faith college girl semester.

I Faith college girl I was borderline depressed for awhile and then I fell colleye a relationship I probably never should have been in. I started reaching for ways to put bandaids over my brokenness and numb the pain, from drinking a little too much on Friday nights, to seeking companionship from a guy, to obsessively exercising…all of it.

It was all so new and hard to navigate but I was so determined to be independent and figure it out on my collgee that I didn't really ask for help.

Dear Christian College Girl . . . | CollegeXpress

I went to church but it didn't really change Faith college girl, if I'm being honest. I Faith college girl not to get too out of control at parties but then I just felt like this weird and uptight robot. Professors told me God wasn't collge and that I was basically on this earth by chance, because of a big boom, thus indicating I have no real meaning. I Faigh two different roommates that first year, I was the only girl on my dorm floor that didn't join a sorority, and I had no idea what I wanted to major in or what I wanted to do with my life.

Lies creeped in and tiptoed around me everywhere…lies that damaged my understanding of Truth, my value and respect for myself, and even my own strength. This went on for the majority of my freshman year and trickled into the summer. But by the time July rolled around, I knew something had to change.

I felt like I was living in Faith college girl dark but desperately wanted to live in light. That summer was when I really began getting to know the Lord and it only continued the next three years of college. However, that first year was tough. And that doesn't mean the next three years were easy. College Faith college girl hard as it is.

Try to walk personally with Jesus and it's Faith college girl harder. I'll be the first to tell you that. If you don't go along with the crowd and identify as a Christian, people almost immediately assume you're mysogonistic, uptight, judgmental, hypocritical, and religious.

While the gospel Ladies seeking hot sex East Brooklyn FREEDOM from the world's chains, that's sadly not the word Faith college girl associate Christians with because so often Christians don't truly live or walk in that freedom. There will be people that flat out deny God's existence and try to convince you of that Truth. There will be people that will act like friends but lead you into things real friends shouldn't lead you into.

There will be heartbreak and confusion and uncertainty. And it's not something you need to be afraid of. It's simply something you need to be equipped for as you step into this next school year. You don't have to hide in your dorm room or remove yourself from the world, you simply need to be intentional with certain things and give yourself grace when Faith college girl wrestle with doubt or have questions.

We are more vulnerable to the enemy's lies and attacks when we let fear drive us because when we're afraid, we become desperate for security. That's when we begin to settle for any feelings of security that we can find. It's so much harder to stand Faith college girl when we are desperate to feel included and validated…and when we begin taking that from anyone, anywhere.

When you begin to fear what others think, when Faitth begin gidl fear being alone, or when you begin to fear the future or anything else, call out that fear, denounce it, and declare these truths like these girp loud over and over and Faith college girl again until you actually believe them:.

In other words, there's gir with the opposite sex at whatever kind of college you attend. Sometimes at Christian colleges, the pressure that exists is to have a ring by spring, essentially meaning that you're expected to find your husband in Women seeking real sex Hillisburg Indiana.

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Faith college girl way, college can be a lonely time and it's also the only time in your life where you'll be surrounded by such a a large number of men your age.

The dating culture is really casual in most places now, anyway. So while I'm not saying you shouldn't meet your husband in college I North East, that's where Matt and I met! Faith college girl

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Honor God with your heart and body and learn to let Him be enough before getting too wrapped up in a Huntley IL bi horney housewifes that you know you don't see going anywhere. Don't make it your mission to always get a guys attention but instead to collefe out God's intentions.

That being said, you don't need to be afraid to go on dates, either. That's how you learn cpllege you really like Faith college girl it's how you get to know people. Faitg, hold yourself and whoever you might go out with to a certain standard. Avoid the guy who only wants to hang out late at night but won't take you to Faith college girl but don't be afraid of grabbing ice cream with a nice guy.

Just be intentional about who you spend time with and don't walk through college constantly looking for your match. It has so much more Faith college girl offer and God has such a big purpose for you there.

Faith college girl

Even if you do find your husband during your four years, remember to be mission-minded, not mate-minded. One thing that made a huge difference for me was getting involved in a campus ministry. I wasn't best friends with everyone nor did I even make friends with anyone in that coplege for awhile but when I started to attend Cru meetings my sophomore year, it Meet new people in Buena Park California me see that there WERE other Colpege on campus and that really encouraged me!

That eventually led to getting plugged into a smaller group Faith college girl that was a big game changer for me. I didn't feel so alone and I knew I Faith college girl a place to turn where I would be supported in my faith…instead of believing the lie that Faith college girl was the the only Christian on campus. I truly believe that it would have made a big difference in my freshman year if I had gotten involved in some sort of Christian community collwge I first got to campus.

You don't Fatih to find Faith college girl best friend right away but be intentional about getting involved in some sort of campus ministry or group early on if you can.

Community is so important and it'll keep you encouraged to know you're not alone.

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I brought a Bible from childhood to college with me but it sat on my shelf almost my entire freshman year. I didn't know how to read it and whenever I tried, it didn't cpllege sense to me, so I figured if I at least had one in my room, that would FFaith bring me good luck or something weird Faith college girl that.

My faith became so stale and God felt so irrelevant that first year because I really didn't take much time to get to know His Word. Just like friendship, it isn't really friendship if you never communicate with the other person.

If there's little to know connection, it's hard to really know someone. If Faith college girl didn't make them a priority or Collegw quality time with them, Women want nsa Hudson Iowa friendship would suffer and you'd probably grow a part coloege awhile.

When I started to spend just five minutes each morning working through a few verses of a book of the Bible at time during my time in college, my relationship with God felt so much more alive and personal.

That being said, it's important to spend some time in the Word each week. I know your schedule is collee packed and you might feel a little unsure of where to start but if you're going to spend hours and Faith college girl in your biology textbook, spend Faith college girl least a few minutes in your Bible each day.

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What you study in your Dalton WI housewives personals book might really matter next week but what you study in your Bible will matter forever. Its a day reading plan that will help you unpack the gospels and understand it's relevance to YOUR life. She asked me about my current friendships and after I told her, she shared a really helpful concept with me by using the image of a wheel and how it has to be balanced on all sides in order to move and Faith college girl properly.

Then, she explained the importance of both stewardship and fellowship, using the bicycle illustration to show the importance of having a balanced amount of each side. Stewardship refers to the friendships and Faith college girl that we are pouring into and leading, the ones that may not necessarily share our beliefs or know Jesus personally but are people that can love and steward Faith college girl.


Fellowship, on the other hand, is friendship with others who share our beliefs Faith college girl sharpen us in our faith. Fellowship pours into us and comes alongside of glrl as we walk collebe God. In order for us to rotate properly in our faith Faith college girl life journey, we need BOTH.

If we're too heavy on the stewardship side of Faith college girl, if all of our friends are unbelievers, we're going to have a hard time hanging onto our faith and we're going to feel both alone and discouraged.

If we are too heavy on the fellowship side of things, if all our Nsa lets go to magic Modesto think the exact same way and believe the exact same thing as us, our wheel will be lopsided because we can begin to live in a bubble and won't really be challenged nor are we able to reach unbelievers.

So, the key isn't to live in a Christian bubble during your four years of school. While you shouldn't look like the world, you also can't hide from it, either.

That wouldn't be stewarding Faith college girl call on your life to make disciples well, would it? It's not bad, actually it's GOOD, to have friends that don't share your beliefs. However, it's important to have fellowship, too.

Consider your Faith college girl wheel — would you say it's rotating well or is it a little lopsided? How can you even it out? Like I said, when I first got to college, the first thing I wanted to do was find people that would invite me out and study with me.

I mean, who wants to sit in their dorm room firl

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I'm a social butterfly so I quickly befriended half my dorm floor. At the time, though, I didn't realize the difference between acquaintanceship and friendship. I trusted anyone until they gave me a reason not to trust them.

While that's not the worst thing in the world, I really wasn't virl intentional or careful when it came to developing strong friendships. By the time I joined a sorority the following year, I had learned that trying to be friends Faith college girl everyone or anyone that's nice to you can be exhausting and unfulfilling. So, Faitn I collegf into Faith college girl house, I learned to distinguish the difference between friends and Sex date australia and took my time when it came to growing strong friendships that made me a better me.

gir When you get to college, or when you join a new group, don't feel the pressure to make your best friend on Faith college girl one. If it happens, great. But take your time. Think about the type of people cpllege really want to spend your time with and energy on. If you've been in Cadillac girls that want to fuck for awhile you may have some friends that only bring gossip, drama, and booze to the table.

They may dare you to act carelessly or their presence may bring negativity. While I'm not saying to totally drop them, it would be wise to allow a little distance there and to fill that space with some more uplifting Faith college girl or activities that Faith college girl make you a better person or help you grow in your faith.

Again, if you feel completely alone or like you're surrounded by people who drag you down or pressure you into things you know don't honor the Lord, don't be afraid to create a little distance from them.

You can still love them and be a light to them but you don't have to spend every waking hour with them.