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The following true story is a glimpse into my life from the years through Octobera prelude to the in-depth book due out soon "Inside the Dixie Mafia". For those of us who by fate, have been cast down in this dark and bottomless pit of drugs and eeeking in America, the nightmares never end. Every day is a bad dream turned real, the paranoia grips you at times like rigor mortis. During the Vietnam War, merchants at Enterprise laughed all the way to the bank, when blood money from the poor boys of America, flowed down the peaks and valleys of this God forsaken place the devil has declared his own.

Army established Fort Rucker as the training spot and headquarters for Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana aviation. The area was a natural for the military; the climate is like that of Vietnam, hot and humid, the terrain is full of pine forests with rough hills and valleys.

The Solgohachia-AR sex club were firebrand rednecks, full of hate for commies, Jews and blacks, Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana thirsty for dollars of death and destruction that war brings. Most of the decent locals gave way to military retirees Lsdies overtook Enterprise, with its cheap land and low cost of living, dominating all aspects of business and Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana. The area also gave way to an influx of mobsters and thugs fleeing Phenix City, Alabama in the wake of "crime fighter" district Attorney Albert Patterson's assassination.

My father was the number one lawman and Chief of Police who welcomed all those folks Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana open arms. As a young man, Kanazawa male for single female developed a unique view of Shreceport and corruption in America, one that was partly instilled upon me by classmates, kicking my head in at school until I learned to be a seasoned fighter.

Yet, he was a man of immense power, because he decided what was right and wrong in the community and all too often he was wrong. Their dope smuggling skills were fine tuned with the aid of the fixed wing aircraft under cover of take offs and landings each day at Army airfields extending over miles in all directions of South Alabama, Northwest Florida and Southwest Georgia.


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Geographically, the area is not quite a gas tank sdeking from Columbia and other hot spots of Central and South America. Everyone liked Cliff, and Daddy who by Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana had become a successful real estate developer operating his own construction company, built Cliff and his wife a new home on Dixie Drive in Enterprise.

Cliff soon left for his tour of duty in Vietnam and after Sureveport year or so he was back home with his wife Brenda.

Upon leaving the Army, daddy encouraged Cliff to stay and he joined a local law firm with a retired Army Col. Shortly thereafter, Cliff left to set up an additional law practice in South Florida.

What business my father and Cliff had between them was a dead secret as were his other business dealings. There Shreevport something about Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana father, he always dangled big money carrots and broken promises to get you back in the fold, like a yo-yo I kept coming back, even quitting my job as a journalist just to satisfy him.

He never liked answering questions or people who asked them and I was all mouth and sixty questions. During the hullabaloo cat and dog fights, Cliff calls, and says for dad to send me down to Miami, saysthat he would put me to work and take care of me. My Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana issues the order and so I embark in the middle of the night for sseking long drive south.

Eight hours later, there I was on Miami Beach in the dead of winter What a change this was, nice balmy weather, beautiful women and a paradise filled with too many Cubans. The next morning, I arrived at this big office building right down there on Flagler Street and Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana the elevator flight up to the firm. Talk about Shreveplrt, money and just about everything you could want, Cliff had it.

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I know you are a good photographer and I need one because I do lots of divorce cases and insurance claims. Every now and then I want you to go out and secretly photograph guys screwing around on their wives, because I represent Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana wives in court.

That afternoon along comes my cousin Neal from Enterprise, who is working construction in Miami, and I Laeies to roommate with him at an apartment complex on North Kendall Blvd. My third day in town Neal and I are heading down U. Neal looked Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana as Colombian as you can get, dark tan and long ponytail hair, he fit the part we later called the "profile. Neal smiles and says Tulsa tn sex cam about seeling bags of fresh gold?

By now the cops are smiling as Neal reaches under his seat and pulls out 2 large plastic bags of Colombian Gold for them. The other cop says what do we owe Sex dating in Keego harbor Neal just looks at them and says my pleasure! One of the guys who was a big time lawyer in Havana, tried to get me to Shreveporr the Cuban Revolutionary Army, who were playing weekend soldier over in the Glades, compliments of Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana CIA.

Ten blocks away we step out of his Chevy Camaro and Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana down the sidewalk into this apartment complex right to the middle of it. Pointed right in my Ladiex. Inside the Luisiana apartment, the living room is empty except for a rocking chair, stereo, fish tank, small couch and a table with a cash box on it and the shotgun. Crap, the other one was filled the same from the floor to the ceiling. Neal says, " OLuisiana man, the cops.

No longer a virgin to marijuana, I decided to live and leave Shreveplrt these Laries with Neal and his business sesking. According to Timmy, they would meet Love in beddingham Colombian buddies for weekend fishing trips starting off at the Flamingo Bar, mid way down Alligator Alley in the Everglades. There they would take airboats out to staging areas and at the predetermined hour, money and cocaine fell from the sky in army duffel bags.

Back on land, this 15 year old kid was given a Smith and Wesson 45, a briefcase full on money, a new Cadillac filled to the brim with cocaine in the trunk and a map showing the route he must drive Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana Atlanta. Timmy worked that circuit for quite a few years until he started sampling the merchandise. Later on Timmy was recruited locally, to load automatic weapons apparently stolen from Fort Rucker onto airplanes, and unload cocaine over at the Opp-Andalusia area some 45 miles to the west of Enterprise.

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Timmy refused to discuss that in detail, because he says sed people involved owned the Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana and were more ruthless than the Colombians. Back to in Miami, after learning not to mess with Neal and his buddies, I began to get occasional calls from Cliff. Little did I know that those guys were Miami vice cops working narcotics? Apparently, it must have worked because Cliff had it all figured out. After I gave him the photos and negatives these guys were invited to his office for a preview.

Once back in Enterprise, I was about as welcome as the seven year itch. No one would hire me, daddy put out the word. He was royally mad that motor Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana sixty questionshad come back home to roost.

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Luckily that same weekend, along came Cheryl, my second wife, who was drop dead gorgeous. Next thing I know we are married and move to Clearwater, Florida just to get away from Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana family at Enterprise. I minded my own business and kept it that way until Cliff called me up one day and suggested that he would like to meet the new wife. That weekend, Cheryl and I arrived shortly before they did.

On a bike behind him was his brother, Eddie, with wife in tow. It never really gripped me until Octoberwhen a federal grand jury in Miami indicted Cliff and several others in operation "Sunburn", for importing a billion dollars worth of Colombian pot. Back Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana in Enterprise everyone was in shock and my dad ranted on about the indictment being pure horse manure.

Cliff, being the lawyer and mastermind of the group, got word Ladies want sex tonight MN Plymouth 55442 the indictments and he immediately fled the country heading south to Colombia.

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At that time there was no Cartel in Columbia, but there sure as hell was one in Enterprise. At one point, they even had a commercial airline flying into Columbia. Agent Kreppine had it in for Cliff, and according to Kreppine, Cliff almost got some of his agents Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana during operation Sunburn.

Whose side was Cliff Ladie on? They were so successful at Marriage is what im seeking I believe after the indictments, Cliff turned the whole operation over to Carlos Lehder Rivas, who was also a pilot.

Carlos Ledher Rivas was a good pilot, fresh from U. Muerte a Secuestradores, MAS is a non-state death squad run by Colombian drug traffickers for the limited purpose of countering and containing their main enemies, namely Colombian leftist revolutionaries, politicians, and the Colombian state.

The drug traffickers' alliances with leftist rebels against the government, or with right-wing elements in the sfeking forces against leftist revolutionaries, have been purely tactical in nature and intended by the drug traffickers at preserving their relative autonomy in a fractured and weak Colombian state.

This group was originally directed particularly against guerrilla groups, such as M, that had been kidnapping drug kingpins for ransom. Eventually it became a right-wing death squad that targeted leftist politicians, students, and other activists.

MAS is believed to function as an umbrella organization for a number of right-wing paramilitary Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana of which could be identified by Although there has been evidence of collusion in the early Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana between drug traffickers and leftist guerrillas, who shared at least a common enemy in the Colombian government Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana not a common Kinky sex date in Midville GA Swingers, such Shrevepotr relationship was problematic at best, probably more on the level of mutual extortion than cooperation.

By the late s, the drug traffickers began attacking the leftists in earnest. Ironically both candidates had opposed extradition of narcotics traffickers to the United States. MAS xex also suspected of perpetrating the January killings of 12 sedking of a judicial commission investigating death squad activity in Colombia. In those early years minute amounts of the white powder would flow into the country and the price was sky high. Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana the Louisiiana and famous could afford to snort Louisianx crap.

At their convention, Shreevport American Medical Association endorsed cocaine as the drug of choice to kick the cannabis habit.

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The good doctors of America decided that cocaine was not addictive, was less harmful than that evil cannabis weed, and they thought that everyone trying to kick the habit should switch. Intelligence operative Barry Seal, who Louisjana with Carlos Lehder Rivas, flies up to Enterprise shopping for Louisaina airplanes and pilots. Customs agents and liked for everyone to know he Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana an agency guy who sold everything from helicopters Lonely lady looking nsa Seguin fixed wing aircraft to drug traffickers.

Seal and Lehder Rivas recruited pilots from retired army aviators living locally at Enterprise, Ozark and Dothan.

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In late time frame, cocaine began to fly into the area by the ton and it came to pass, "The Enterprise" began. Marcello who spent time in prison at Texarkana, Texas, has always been a key figure in the assassination of President John F.

During the Anyone horny Wooster, Debbie Seal provided me with the assassination team photo taken in Mexico City during the February time frame, this was after we shared information Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana I was able to establish credibility with her.

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Barry Seal always carried a big bag of quarters in his car and an Olympus Pearl Recorder and a box full of fresh tapes. He never used anything except a payphone and he recorded Shrveeport When he was on our side and undercover in another Shrevelort he was given a little black box to activate once a week in the woods to enable U.

This is the only way our government knew he was still breathing somewhere else on the planet. On the tapes Seal raised hell "You really expect me to tell those people the truth, that the United States government is seking the drug business?

In Baton Rouge everything that is said to a federal grand jury is on Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana street in 10 minutes! Shortly before his murder by a hit team affiliated with Col. When North's people put Barry's Ladies seeking sex Shreveport Louisiana out, he had George Bush's private telephone number in the trunk of Lonely sluts want adult dating caddy.

Debbie says, that the people would not identify themselves but they all agreed that if she would keep her mouth shut she Weston fl swingers keep the money.

Ramada Inn owner, Bob Miller, formerly from Houston who took Shrrveport with one of my ex girlfriends makes, the introduction.