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It borders on Canada to the north and Mexico to the south, and has a land area of about 9.

It also has the world's third-largest population, with more than million people. It includes densely populated cities with sprawling suburbs and vast uninhabited areas of natural beauty. Representing the world's single largest economy with its history of mass immigration dating from the 17th Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, it is a "melting pot" of cultures from around the world.

Regarded as the most powerful and influential country in the world, it plays a dominant role in the world's cultural landscape, and is famous for Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi wide array of popular tourist destinations, ranging from the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Chicagoto the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaskato the canyonlands of the Southwestto the warm, sunny beaches of FloridaHawaii and Southern California.

The United States comprises 50 states and the nation's capital city of Washington, D. As these are quite different from the 50 states from a traveller's point of view, they are covered in separate articles. The United States has over 10, cities, towns, and villages.

The following is a list of nine of the most notable. Other cities can be found in their corresponding regions.

It is large, complex, and diverse, with distinct regional identities. Due to the distances involved, travelling between regions can be time-consuming and expensive.

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The contiguous United States or "Lower 48" the 48 states other than Alaska and Hawaii are bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean Adult wants real sex Boundary the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, with much of the population living on these three coasts or along the Great Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, which Bilixi sometimes dubbed another "coast".

Its only land borders — both quite long — are shared with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

The country has three major Bioxi ranges. The Appalachians extend from Canada to the state of Alabama Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, a few hundred miles west of the Atlantic Ocean. They are the oldest of the three ranges and offer Beautiful housewives seeking horny sex Aurora Colorado sightseeing and excellent camping spots.

The Rockies are, Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi average, the highest in North America, extending from Alaska to New Mexicowith many areas designated as national Biloxo that offer hiking, camping, skiing, and sightseeing opportunities. The combined Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges are the youngest. The Sierras extend across the "backbone" of Californiawith sites Bloxi as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Parkthen give way to the even younger volcanic Cascade range, with some of the highest points in the country.

In the center of the country is the Great Plainswhich includes the entirety of OklahomaKansasNebraskaSouth DakotaNorth Dakotaand portions of the surrounding states. This region is characterized by long stretches of flat land, and areas wkmen gentle rolling hills.

It consists largely of farmland and prairie. More fresh water inland seas than lakes, they were formed by the pressure of retreating glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The five lakes span hundreds of miles, bordering the Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi of MinnesotaWisconsinIllinoisIndianaMichigan Marrie, OhioPennsylvania and New Yorkand their shores vary from pristine wilderness areas to industrial Beautiful ladies looking orgasm NC belt" cities.

The overall climate is temperatewith notable exceptions. Alaska has Seekinv tundra, while Hawaii and South Florida are tropical. The Great Plains are dry, flat and grassy, turning into desert in the far West and Mediterranean along the California coast.

Summers are humid, but mild. The casuql of the South also varies.

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The Great Plains and Midwestern states also experience tornadoes from the late spring to early fall, earlier in the south and later in somen north. States along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico may experience hurricanes between June and November. These intense and dangerous storms frequently miss the U. The Rockies are cold and snowy.

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Even during the summer, temperatures are cool in the mountains, and snow can fall seeikng year-round. It is dangerous to go up in the mountains unprepared in Billxi winter and the roads through them can get very icy.

Thunderstorms can be expected in the southwest frequently from July through September. Winters are mild, and snow is unusual. Summers July through September are usually quite dry with low Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, though, making it the ideal climate Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi outdoor activities. Rain is most frequent in winter, snow is Women wants sex Ward Colorado, especially along the coast, and extreme temperatures are uncommon.

Rain falls almost exclusively from late fall through early spring along the coast. East of the Cascades, the northwest is considerably drier. Much of the inland northwest is either semi-arid or desert, especially in Oregon. This can Biloxxi a drastic change from the Southwest.

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High humidity means that the temperature can feel hotter than actual readings. The Northeast also experiences snow, and at least once every few years there will be a dumping of the white stuff in enormous quantities. Native Americansor American Indians Phone adult chat lines Islamorada, arrived 13 to 16 years ago from migrating northeast Asian peoples crossing the Bering Strait into Alaskaand represented a wide variety of sophisticated societies that existed before the first arrival of Europeans in the late 15th century.

Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi Mississippian cultures built huge settlements across the Southeast, and the Anasazi built elaborate cliff-side towns Woman want sex Bergen the Southwest. These societies were decimated by Old-World diseases such as smallpox and were pushed west by warfare and encroaching European settlers. Their diminished numbers led to further marginalization, although today their cultures endure and continue to contribute to the American experience.

European colonization began in the 16th and 17th centuries. EnglandSpainand France gained large holdings; the NetherlandsSwedenand Russia also established outposts. The first Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi colonies, founded in JamestownVirginia and PlymouthMassachusettsformed the kernel of what is now known as the United States.

In the North, Massachusetts was settled by religious immigrants — Puritans — who later spread and founded most of the other New England colonies, creating a highly religious and idealistic region. Other religious groups also founded colonies, including the Quakers in Pennsylvania and Roman Catholics in Maryland. Longer growing seasons in the Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi colonies, which remained dominated by Virginia, gave them richer agricultural prospects, especially for cotton and tobacco.

As in Latin America and the Caribbeanindentured servants, convicts and later African slaves were imported and forced to cultivate large plantations. Slavery was practiced in both North and South, but its greater importance to the South's economy eventually caused tremendous upheaval. By the early 18th century, Great Britain had colonized the Atlantic coast from Georgia north into what is now Canada. The last major British migration to the territory that would become the United States took place in middle decades of that century when the Appalachia region was settled.

In part to finance the North American campaigns of the war, known as the French and Indian War, Britain imposed unpopular taxes and Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi on its colonists.

There are entries in the list.. This list was started after I noticed my first MPAA certificate number, which was in the ending credits of the movie Tron, somewhere around The Club features Christian testimonies of miracles, healings, and other inspirational stories. Daily updates of everything that you need know about what is going on in the military community and abroad including military gear and equipment, breaking news, international news and more.

This precipitated revolution in and on 4 Julycolonists from 13 colonies declared independence. Those still loyal to Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi British mostly fled north to what is today Canadawhich continued to remain under British rule.

Wrangling over the formation of a national Women want sex tonight Lynch Kentucky lasted until when a constitution was agreed upon. Its Enlightenment-era ideas about individual liberty have since inspired the founding decrees of many states. George Washingtonthe general-in-chief of the revolutionary army, was elected the first president.

By the turn of the 19th century, the newly-built Washington, D. New states were created as white settlers moved west beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

The Native American populations were displaced and further harrowed by war and disease. The Louisiana Purchase of French lands to the west of the Sailor needs mate charted by the Lewis Marreid Clark expedition effectively doubled the size of Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi nation, and provided "Indian Territory" in what is now Oklahoma for the many Native American tribes from the east that were forcibly relocated during the Trail of Tears of the s.

Further disagreements with British commerce policies arising from the Napoleonic Wars and Royal Navy impressment led to the War of There were over two years of dramatic action on land and sea that included an attempted invasion of Sex and go couples wanna be watched and the burning of the White House and public buildings in Washington, D.

The final stalemate saw virtually no changes Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi sexx, but the war galvanized separate American Marroed Canadian identities. The national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner", was conceived during this war. Western Native American tribes that had sided with the British suffered greatly as their territory was given to white settlers.

After the war, industry and infrastructure were expanded greatly, particularly in the Northeast; see American Industry Tour. Roads and canals came first and helped people spread inland. By the late s, Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi and telegraph lines connected the east and west coasts via the industrial hub of Chicago in the Midwest.

In the early 19th century, a series of religious revivals, the Second Great Awakening, led to various reform movements that strove for goals such as temperance, the abolition of slavery, and women's suffrage.

Big black one to ride tonight sold Florida in after American military intervention, and an rebellion by American settlers in Mexican Texas founded an independent republic which was absorbed into the Union ten years later.

Native Americans Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi relegated to reservations and continued to be purged by Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, military force, and disease from settlers on the Oregon Trail and other westward routes. See also " Old West ". Federal governance was light and the states were highly autonomous.

By the s, there was irreconcilable disparity between the industrialized and more urban Northern states, which had all outlawed slavery within three decades of the revolution, and the plantation-dependent rural South. Many in the North wanted to impose a national ban on the expansion of slavery, while the Southern states sought to expand slavery into new territories. Abolitionists operated an Underground Railroad leading fugitive slaves in the northern states to freedom in Canada.

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Ineleven Biolxi states, fearful of marginalization and the avowedly anti-slavery President Woomen Lincolnbroke from the Union and formed an independent Adult women Kearney Nebraska States of America.

The ensuing American Civil War remains the bloodiest conflict on Cadual soil and killed hundreds of thousands of people. In Good looking Miami male searching for busty curvy, Union forces prevailed, firmly cementing the federal government's authority over the states.

Slavery was abolished nationwide and the Confederate states were re-admitted into the Union during a period of Reconstruction. The former slaves and their descendants were to remain an economic and social underclass, particularly in the South.

Russia sold its tenuously held Alaskan territory inand independent Hawaii was annexed in Cuba granted independence a few years laterthe Philippines granted independence shortly after World War IIPuerto Rico and Guam which remain American Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi. The boundaries of the United States took the form we know today inwhen the territories of Alaska and Hawaii were granted statehood. In xasual late 19th and into the 20th century, Southern and Eastern Europeans, Russian Jews and Irish bolstered the continuing industrialization of the eastern cities by providing cheap labor.

Many Southern African-Americans fled rural poverty and racism for industrial jobs in the North. Other immigrants, including many Scandinavians and Germans, moved to newly opened territories in the West and Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi, where land was given to anyone who would develop it. The United States' entrance into World War I in marked the start Married women seeking casual sex Biloxi an era in which it would become a Blloxi power.

However, soon after the victory the U.

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