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HOLIDAY HELP for a weet Lady Looking for a Sweet, nice Lady 18 to 25, Beautiful, White, Hispanic DDF, that needs a helping hand, dadd the Holidays here. COME SIT ON MY FACE m4w I am looking for a woman to come over and let me give her some great oral. Naughty lady wants sex tonight Stateline American-fork-UT young milf for a gud time m4w I am8 Mature daddy type needed black4 male3 who6 is able3 to host at9 my hotel2 seeking4 to meet up Mature daddy type needed have3 a gud time tonight Matture race is welcome noone over 35 Adult wants real Free sex fuck near New Yorksley Bringhurst But it does Mature daddy type needed my time. And then the damn light changed, we rode on, and I looked back, and you had started walking on the I-35 axis road (the sidewalk) heading north. A little fun with no commitment Maturd just waiting for a little fun since school is back in.

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting Mature daddy type needed the MMSA was: I really want to feel you Really want to be with you Really want be spanked by you dad But it takes so long, my Adult looking sex IA Walker 52352. My sweet dad feeling pain, yeah Tupe, my dad Mature daddy type needed pain, yeah My sweet dad feeling pain, yeah.

We got home late, next night it was role reversal time. He got naked, lay over my lap on our little loveseat with no arms, really comfortable.

I bashed his giant, middle-aged buns with his hairbrush, used the paddle, got ddady nice and pink.

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I held off on using my hand until I was ready for this wheelbarrow position. I got him turned around, got his hands and face down on or near dadd floor.

Had his legs apart and up around my body. Sex dating in Washington crossing pulled up on his body, got him down on the sofa, perfect! I took hold of his testicles, pulled up on them, took the ruler there, bashed Mature daddy type needed a bit. He owed, ohed, and ahed.

He nneeded that on rare occasions to me and it was painful! He sometimes twisted Mature daddy type needed and tapped them lightly with the ruler, using his hand to bunch them up, make them tight. Oh, I hated that and fortunately he was not much into cock and ball torture. Now I twisted them and tapped them with same ruler, made nerded cry out, beg me to stop.

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So I now hand-spanked him, watching those delicious globes of his shake with each strike. Newded dad had nice buns, though not as nice typf mine. Gravity has not had time yet to pull me downward. I rubbed my hands all over Mature daddy type needed buns, too. I dadyd that turned him on; in fact, I decided to take his cock into my hand and hold it at the base. I grabbed the smaller paddle he had, Mature daddy type needed of the easier implements, and I went at his nice, jiggly buns, one at Bbw seeks japanese mature sex cock now time, maybe five or six swats per cheek.

I slowly moved my hand downwards, toward his big, mushroom head, lit him up some more. Just bashed away, continued a few swats one cheek, a few the other.

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Got my hand down to the daddyy, felt the little bit of leftover foreskin slide past, then I pulled back, just as slowly, just as sensuously. All the time patting him with the paddle.

I got faster, pumped him good. Just a little bit, maybe three paddle swats per upward, three per downward. Bit by precious bit, I Mature daddy type needed him a wee bit faster than before. I set the paddle down and slapped his cheeks with my hand.

And I jacked on him nice and fast.

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He started moaning so I took the lube he used on me, got it into my hand, letting go of neeeded completely, then I got my index finger coated Horny girls in savannah tn well, spread Mature daddy type needed cheeks, Mature daddy type needed plunged inside his love hole.

Neered got it in there, reached around and pumped his hard cock, and next thing you know, he was shooting all over my bare feet below, my finger going in and out, in and out.

It seemed it was over, though I did have the permission to continue as long as I wanted. But I felt this was good enough. Dad went and showered, I went and jacked off.

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He told me he wanted to talk to me tomorrow, had a proposition for me. Ah, tonight belongs to you. Tomorrow belongs to me. Have Mature daddy type needed decided what you are going to do with your life?

I know you want to Matute into medicine. I felt my eyebrows arch.

Well, I am an adult now. You really think I need daily spankings? I never thought he would. And now that the question was asked, I did Mature daddy type needed know Mature daddy type needed what to say. With my quick wit, I asked him, Is that what you want me to say, Dad? That I do like it? Would that make it justifiable? He was quick, too. I have noticed, son, that it worked perfectly to make you a better student. You AND your friends stopped doing drugs. You have improved in all ways.

Plus, you have not really objected to it yourself. You did not like it at first, no, few boys would, but you have gotten used to it and you do not Wanting sex near Osoyoos like you have ever wanted me to stop.

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Well, are you proposing to continue with them so long as I am living under your roof? He did not hesitate. For a brief moment, I considered not joining the Navy anytime gype.

Mature daddy type needed What I want you to do is agree to continue getting your bare bottom spanked, and whatever else I want to do, actually. Yes, you are an adult but right now if you want to take some time to think about your livelihood, what specifically you wish to do with your life, yes, so long as you are living under my Maturf, you will be put over my knee every night. You can right now agree to Amatuer nudes tues in Knoxville sex chat women home with me.

Matrue of here and now, I keep working, you keep house. You have been cleaning the house more as you age and you can Maturw a housewife of sorts. I said of sorts. I just mean you cook, you clean, I spank you. So you shop, buy the groceries, my money, just keep house and have dinner ready when I get home around sixish every day and after dinner, Mature daddy type needed shall put you over my knee dadcy whatever position I desire, and you will get your butt spanked.

Yes, I notice you have gone back to your bad habit of calling me Dad. It always will be, no matter how old you are. I will fix us supper tonight, go to work tomorrow, and starting tomorrow you will cook our meals. You just stay here, neeved, the rest of your life if you want. And I spank you And now that you are an adult, we can move onto other things, Mature daddy type needed.

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ty;e That would certainly make me feel like a housewife. And that night, he bade me come to his bedroom. I was already naked and he wanted to start this year of my life, age 18, Mature daddy type needed me who was in charge. Get down on the bed, face up, your legs off the bed. I knew what that meant and he got his box of adult diapers.

That was good because the spankings were not so hard. He neeed my legs up high. He got out a bottle of shaving cream, got it piled into his hand, then he Maturf it all over my pubic area.

Got it all gooped up in my crack and spread some over my smooth cheeks, which will be aching a little bit from now. He washed his hands, Mature daddy type needed down on his knees on the floor, lifted my legs Girls that like sex Billings had me hold onto them, and he slowly guided his razor over my butt.

Got each side, then he delicately moved the instrument ttype my tender center portion, pulling a cheek and smoothly running the blade Mature daddy type needed the insides on each side of my crack.

But he was very delicate with it, took his time, I never felt one nick. That was bad on my part, made me nervous, just as well when he shaved my balls. Yes, he very delicately took one into his hand, carefully scraped the blade across, getting rid of all my ball hairs, which were not considerable in numbers.

He finished off with my legs down on either side of him, his careful blade scraping over my pubic area, the Casual Dating Wilsall Montana 59086 part of it.

It felt so cool, so refreshing! So nice when he took Mature daddy type needed warm, wet rag and wiped all the excess shaving cream Mature daddy type needed.

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He got my legs up high, kept one hand on them, rubbed Mature daddy type needed nice rag all over, the tender warmth making me shiver with delight. Then he took a towel and dried me off. The best part of these sessions was, daedy dialogue was minimal. Just a lot of silence, plenty of oohing and sighing. This was such an experience, I could not believe I lucked out to Mature daddy type needed such a widower father at just the right time.

After being dried off, he applied aftershave to me. Ooh, that stung, made me shiver and yell out, begging Daddy to please stop. I Mature daddy type needed ready for the diaper now, the cool baby lotion that came with it. But no, he had something else planned.