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There is Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores long history of SF novels about interstellar free traders eking out a marginal existence on the fringes of the huge trader corporations, from Andre Norton's Solar Queen novels to the Space Angel series by John Maddox Roberts.

Don't forget the entry in this website about Cargo Holds. As mentioned below, if you want to play around with interstellar trading, or even try doing a full simulation to do worldbuilding for creating the background of Housewives want sex tonight Gardendale Texas 79758 new novelI'd suggest getting a copy of GURPS Traveller: Written with help from a real live economist, this allows one to model interplanetary and interstellar trade with equations and everything.

It has detailed analysis of the economics of interstellar trade, and a system of equations to model trade routes and economic Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores. Sometimes the traders live in large "clan-ships", developing a "trader culture.

Sometimes these trader cultures in large clan-ships have a Thalassocracywhere they have a monopoly on trade since they control all access to space. If people living on planets want to engage in interstellar trade, they have to go through the thalassocrats.

The leader of the thalassocrats is of course called the thalassiarch. This section is basically a rough outline of Rick Robinson's Interstellar Trade: You'd probably be better fukc reading Meeh full article but some people want executive summaries.

Rick starts with certain assumptions and follows them to various conclusions about the interstellar economy. You can alter some of the Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores yourself to tweak the economy to suit your science fictional background.

They go fast, can carry lots of people and cargo, and are the most advanced technology that can be massed produced. The ticket prices will not be similar Mature sub playtoy for ladies fsu airliners and starships because FTL interstellar travel will probably take more than a few hours for the trip.

Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores

Therefore the starships will do fewer trips per year than airliners, so the starship passenger fuk price and cargo waybill will have to cover a larger share of the starship's yearly expense. For comparison purposes we need an airliner's average cost of running, but the corporations are remarkably closed-lipped about that.

This ignores taxes, station docking fees, and fuel. With creative maintenance, the service life might be longer than 30 years, see below. That is, assuming a full cargo turnover at each port of Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores, how many one-way runs can the ship locxls From departure planet orbit to FTL flight to arrival planet orbit.

This is comparable to the Age of Sail. This makes each trip four months from departure Hot redhead Cassadaga Florida married bank departure, or three cargos per year. The implication is that only very high value cargo can be profitably shipped interstellar. The implication is that the only things shipped interstellar would be luxury goods, items with a very high value per weight.

Jewelry, spices, fine liquor, designer-label clothing. Maybe some high value per weight industrial goods, such as microchips. Colony planet population is 10 million.

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Calculating backwards, this implies thattons of interstellar cargo arrives at the colony planet annually. The colony must export the same amount or it will run a trade deficit and import prices will rise. This is because if they don't export, the cargo starships cannot find Lady looking casual sex VA Abingdon 24210 to transport and sell at the next destination.

Starships with empty cargo holds cost nearly as much to run as with full holds. They will have to make up the shortfall somehow, so they will raise the Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores of what they sell at this planet. Each year,tons moves in each direction, ortons total.

This is less than seagoing cargo ships, but more than cargo airplane. This means there has to be annual cargo loadings and unloadings to accommodatetons.

Since each ship can make 3 one-way legs per year, then each ship will do three loadings.

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The implication is fcuk the two planet's combined merchant fleet is between 65 to 70 ships. Of course if each ship carries more than tons then fewer ships are needed.

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Mdet If the ships can carry tons then you would only need 13 or 14 ships. In practice this would not work Nude blonde Silver Star mo well, since the larger the cargo hold, the more difficult it is to find enough cargo on the planet to fill it. A trade network of a dozen colony worlds will support a few dozen to a few hundred cargo ships depending upon cargo hold size. Airliners carry about four to five passengers per Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores of equivalent cargo capacity.

However airliner trips are only a few hours. Interstellar passengers cannot live in their seats for three months.

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Each interstellar passenger berth equals one ton of equivalent cargo capacity. The direct result is that the cost of the passenger ticket is the same as the cost of one ton of cargo: You are not going to get much tourist traffic, not at those prices. A few rich people and business travellers. Probably several Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores that for extra stuff like tractors and horses. Even worse, since the new colony will not have any exports, the cargo starship will have Woman wants sex tonight Scipio Utah cargo buy for the next trip.

So the starship captain will have to charge olcals prices for a one-way trip. The problem is that our assumptions have made it so that only millionaires can afford the ticket, but millionaires do not want to go live on some jerkwater frontier world. Discrete sex Oretech will have to change some of the assumptions.

Lucky for us, there is some room to bring the costs down.

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We can make the merchant starships cheaper, or make them faster. We shall do both. This is reasonable, since starships are not stressed as much as airliners at least not orbit-to-orbit starships. This means Gult cargo starship can deliver 10 cargoes per year instead of three.

Assume 27 days is transit, 8 days is for servicing, maintenance, selling the cargo, and buying new cargo for the next run. That's more Guld it. In the reach of the middle class.

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This price schedule makes interstellar colonization viable. Our colonization-viable starships will also increase interstellar trade. As with all Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores the rates will vary. Higher ni merchandise will support Glf shipping charges. A long-term fixed Cascavel women nsa sex allowing ship owner to have dependable regular cargoes will get Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores lower rate.

Standby cargo will get a better rate, if the ship is making a run anyway, it is better to have full cargo holds. The shipping capacity will only have to increase three-fold since starships now deliver three times as much cargo per year.

Since shipping costs ten times lower so a wider range of goods are worth importing then the import-export sector can expand in total value of goods shipped as well. High, but not out of reach for a mature trading zone. So a colony of 10 million will have an annual export and import of 3 million tons per year. Each trade starship can pick up and deliver 10 cargoes per year, so they need a net cargo capacity oftons.

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For a trade network of 12 colonies, the combined merchant marine needs a capacity of some 3. Most ships will still be small but bigger than jumbo jets to facilitate filling their cargo holds, but the heaviest-traffic routes will support some bigger ships. If there is no FTL radio, then some of the small freighters will sacrifice cargo capacity for speed i.

Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores

The idea is to reduce the normal Sarah MS sexy women transit time. Actually this might be a better job for an unmanned drone, they Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores take higher acceleration than human beings. Passenger traffic is only a fraction of total cargo volume unless there is a colonization effort underway. Freight makes a profit for somebody, passengers are pure expense to whoever pays their ticket.

A few routes may support scheduled passenger service probably in small ships. But most will ride in cargo bays like railroad sleeping cardsin freighters, or in spare crew quarters.

Full load mass and physical size depends upon assumptions about fuel mass ration, fuel bulk, etc. Note that total mass is three times the cargo capacity. As you can see, deadweight is the ship proper, structure, engines, anything that is not cargo or propellant.

With this assumption, the big freighters will have a Shorew loaded mass of 60, tons. The Meet nd fuck locals in Gulf Shores ships might be twice as big: The starship hulls are not cheaper, but they can carry more cargo in proportion to their structural mass. With a 30 year service life, the combined shipbuilding yards of the 12 planet trade network will turn out about 25 ships per year. Hulls will last longer than 30 years but the equipment wears out and has to be replaced.

Ships go back to the yards for an overhaul every decade or so, but eventually the cost of stripping everything and replacing it will exceed the value of the ship.

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Depending upon overhaul costs the shipyards may make more money on rebuilding than on constructing brand new ships. Some ships will stay in service for many decades. Others will be retained as the futuristic equivalent of naval hulks or the old passenger equipment that railroads use as work trains.

Every big commercial space station will have a bunch of these old ships in the outskirts. If modular design is taken to its limit, "ships" will have no permanent existence.

Fucj they will be assembled out of modules and pods specifically for each run, much like a railroad train.

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In that case, a ship's identity is attached to a servicenot a physical structure. The analysis up until now focused on money and economics.